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- Where Did the Years Go? - 2019 was the Schrader's 18th year at the Monster Jam World Finals and 25nd year with Gary John following Tom Meents! Gary John is nearing 27 years old and still loves Monster Jam! Gary John continues to strive toward independence the best he can. Some how, some way, Gary John's parents will find his life mission and fit. Monster Jam has showed Gary John the attitude of never giving up despite what life challenges exist. Gary John continues to hope one day he will be a part of Monster Jam, may never be a driver, but would love to help in any area; would make his life! Autism changes families but love and continuous belief keep the hopes alive for one day possible independent life for challenged individuals. Thank you Monster Jam, Tom Meents, Adam Anderson, Lee O'Donnell, Neil Elliott, John Seasock, Alex Blackwell, Candice Jolly, Ryan Anderson, Colten & Jared Eichelberger, the Feld Family and Bill Easterly for their continued support for Gary John; YOU ARE HIS LIFE!

- Thank You Feld Entertainment and Monster Jam - Monster Jam has truly changed Gary John's life in overcoming the many challenges of Autism. Monster Jam changes lives, Gary John spent the last 25 years of his life following Tom Meents and Monster Trucks. Gary John has made personal strides in his development that are linked to the sport of Monster Jam in ways that could not be accomplished by education or other means. Communication, excitement, social skills, goals, having dreams, confidence, personal courage, reading, the list goes on; Monster Jam has made Gary John who he is today. Feld Entertainment, you are changing lives of children who are autistic.

- and Facebook - Technology changes have made the days of CrushCars website more of a historical place as Facebook has enabled more realtime interaction socially. However, as always, feel free to continue to send us photos, messages for Tom Meents to read if you do not have a Facebook account or use Facebook (see the links above). CrushCars will soon be on Facebook allowing free posting for Tom to see! Plans are also in the works for specialized merchandise!


Ten Years of Maximum Destruction! 2013 was a great year for our superstar, 10 solid strong years of MaxD Tom Meents car crushing action! We all know Tom Meents and his wild driving style and his personal attention to his fans. For those of you who have been following this website, launched in 1998, and our son Gary John, this will mark Gary John's 18th year as a fan of Tom Meents. Gary John turned 21 years old this past May, and we, the parents of Gary John, have launched the Schrader Autism Foundation in our National quest to make a difference for autistic children. Gary John is autistic, Tom Meents and Monster Jam is his whole life. As fellow Tom Meents Fans and Monster Jam fans please help us spread the word to make a difference. Please LIKE US on Facebook and follow us on TWITTER, see below. Help us crush this challenge of autism, together we can all make a difference, spread the word...LIKE US on Facebook Free to LIKE US, Priceless for showing your support for Autism

Champion performances seem to continuously come from the Meents Racing Shop in Paxton Illinois. It seems the Anderson Boys, namely Dennis, Adam and Ryan are trying to push the limits to give Meents the competition that he just thrives on. What's Next was always the question as Tom continues to push the limits and come out with something new and exciting every show. What will be Next? Can you say "DOUBLE BACK FLIP?" How can the Maxd Team just keep getting better? Tom Meents, Neil Elliot, Kreg Christensen is the Team to look out for in the remainder of 2012. A pretty new paint job, the best technology in the industry, a ton of money and nearly unlimited crew members sometimes does not do it; A man named Meents along with Brandon (Beaver), Mark Cole and crew plus the most dedicated fan base in the Monster Truck Industry appears to be the right formula for a top champion. - The Schrader's

Meents Racing News "New Updates"

- Wow! Read this Poem from Ashley Conlon Tom Meents is the BEST Monster Truck Driver.
>> They say the best monster truck driver is the best mechanic. The reason for that is that good drivers know their trucks inside and out. It is for this reason that Tom Meents is the best monster truck driver.
>> He is known for his driving style, his personality and his truck. Tom Meents driving style is great because of his donuts or cyclones. When he does his donuts he gets on the outer most edge of his two tires. This got him the nickname "Mayor of Cyclone Town". His massive air is great and looks amazing. The announcers always joke around and say that if they get any more air they are going to a pilot's license and get FAA to clear the air space for them. Mr. Meents was the first one to attempt a back-flip in a monster truck. He could achieve it when he was practicing, but at World Finals, he was going to show the world for the first time. Unfortunately, he did not quite land on all four tires, but it was an extremely amazing feat to see.
>> Tom Meents' personality is another thing that sets him apart from the rest. He gets very personal with all of his fans. He is especially so with the little ones he will pick them up by the scruff of their shirt or by twisting the front of their shirt and hoisting them up so that their parents can get pictures. He also will sign anything that the people give him, such as shirts or signs. The drives only have to stay and sign autographs for one hour, however, before and after the show Mr. Meents will sign for as long as it takes for his line to end. Whether he wins or not at the end of every show, he gives away his helmet to a kid in the crowd that he thinks deserves it. Usually if there is a handicapped child in the audience he will try to make their day. If he wins he will also give out the trophy. The only trophy that he keeps for himself is when he wins at Worlds, because these wins usually only come about every few years, and are very special to him.
>> Mr. Meents' truck is about the only one with a rear engine. Because, of this the balance in the truck is totally different, which allows him to do his donuts and get the air that he achieves. The custom chassis that he and his crew built is built to fit his body and his only. This is a safety feature, which prevents injuries to the driver. The shell of the truck aids in its aerodynamics. By the end of a show usually the majority of the shell is on the track, because of the hard lands after his massive air and donuts.
>> Yes, I realize that there are other drivers that people like. For instance in our house there is a large rivalry between my brother and I as to who should win racing and freestyle. He usually wants Candice Jolly, the driver of Monster Mutt Dalmatian to win. When these match-ups come on, there is a lot of yelling that goes on as to who should win.
>> Tom Meents is the best monster truck driver, because of his driving style, personality, and his truck. His driving style is to go "BIG or go home." This driving style is extended into his personality which is everything is for his fans. His truck is futuristic the same as his ideas of what the truck is able to perform. Ashley Conlon, Bel Air, Maryland

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- Wow, What a Fan! Hey Tom I am a huge fan. I love Tom Meents and Maximum Destruction. I watch alot of videos of you. I go to alot of shows like Jacksonville,FL. Alanta,Ga, Las Vegas and etc. Every time I watch speed me and my mon would see who wins racing. My mom is a huge Grave Digger fan. You are a funny person. You are the best driver driving Max-D. You are a very cool driver. I watch all the World Finals. I have a Max-D toy and all my monster jam stuff in my room. I hope that you will win next years World Finals. Tom Meents #1. Yeah Go Tom. Sara Smith, Woodbine, Georgia

- Next Generation Meents Fan! I am writing to thank you for being so generous and gracious the night of September 18th at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ. In the pits, you autographed my marker-colored sign and took a picture with me. I then returned with a stuffed Maximum Destruction pillow -which you also signed. After winning, you gave me your helmet; and again in the pits you signed the helmet and took pictures with me! Since that night, and each night thereafter, before I go to sleep, I ask my mom and dad to tell me the "real monster truck story." They recount each detail of that night for me- re-enacting (my favorite part) when you grab me by my shirt and pull me over the wall and put your helmet on my head. Thank you for making a memory last a lifetime. A sincere and faithful fan, Cole Collins 3 1/2 years old - Cole, Englishtown, NJ

- Screaming for Tom Meents! Watching you drive that truck sends chills down my back. You are the greatest monster truck driver to ever live. Since the first time i seen you drive i knew there was something that sets you away from the rest of the drivers. When you came to Tampa in February i was amazed. Not only by your freestyle win, but when you came up into the seats you put the microphone in my face and told me to scream. I was astonished. My life long monster truck idol picked me out of thousands of people. Thank you for all of the great shows you have put on for us all, and keep on hitting it hard! Your the greatest! May the Lord keep you safe out there. - Todd, Tampa, Florida

- Fans All Over! Hey Tom your sick behind the wheel of that truck Iam a huge fan of MAX D love watching you tare up that track in freestyle. Always on the edge of my couch when they mention your name. Whooooo go big or go home you sure live by that. Love how you run that truck into the ground. Hoping someday to see you runner live. - Jeremy Neilson, Saint John

- Arnhem Netherlands Fan! Thank you for the beautiful day on 09.24.2011 Gelredome in Arnhem. Nice show and my son with you on the photo was absolutely fabulous with you on the Photo, and the freestile show (Photo), with the t-shirt with your signature. Hanging above his bed. We hope you, the next time return to the Gelredome in Arnhem and we will be there too, greetz Father and son (Lawrence and Luc van der Nat)- Lawrence Van Der Nat, Netherlands

CrushCars Gary John Schrader and Tom Meents with Top Fan Bill from NY!
Amazing Banner at Stafford Springs!
Stafford Springs Brought Out Top Meents Banners!:   
Bill Gillen with his family and friends brought out their classic Meents Banner to Stafford Springs, CT, WOW! Bill got to meet Gary John while waiting on line for the pit party gates to open, and guess what, Bill and Family are heading to Monster Jam Las Vegas March 2012, COOL! Bill also gave Tom Meents an incredible Meents Plaque, see Tom Meents on Facebook! for Picture! Tom Meents was grateful of the artistic plaque Bill and his Family shared with the 9 Times World Champ.
Great Moments!

- Tom Meents Time with Fans! Hi Tom, Myself and my son (Jonathan 7) enjoyed your great performances Saturday at Stafford Springs, CT. Your freestyle during the evening show was unbelievable... what a way to finish the show! I would like to thank you and all of the competitors for staying after the show (very late!) to sign autographs. You truly have a genuine passion and appreciation for your fans and the feeling is mutual. Thanks so much! Official Tom Meents on Facebook! Yes, Tom Meents Himself! - Michael Phillips Canterbury, NH

- Fan Message Alert! Hi Max D! I had so much fun watching you in Ohio last weekend. You are awsome. Thanks for signing my shirt and letting me wear your gold sunglasses! I showed everyone my picture with you. You are my favorite monster truck driver. I hope to see you again soon. I will be watching you again for sure in March 2012, if you come to Indianapolis IN. I sure hope you are there!! - Braden Brown, Clayton, IN

- Stay Tuned to this Website! Important news and big happenings are on the way! There will be a big announcement, limited edition ???? plus treasure hunt contests! Don't Miss It! Also, keep an eye on Official Tom Meents on Facebook! for clues! They will come and go... -

- Top Fan Alert, WOW! Hi Tom, I'm Ashton from Australia. I'm 7 years old and I'm your biggest fan. I watch you on TV - they are usually are old ones that get shown here in Australia. I just finished watching the 2006 Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas. I loved watching you in the freestyle. Good luck for all your races.- Ashton Hawkins, Brisbane, Queensland Australia

- Fan Message Alert! Info - hey tom just wanted to stop by and say you are one heck of a driver i tune into speed every single chance i get and always look forward to you and grave diggers freestyles its very exciting to watch you guys dual back and forth keep it up and hopefully one day ill make it to a live monster jam event thanks - Devon Wilson, Casper, Wyoming

- Gary John Graduated High School! For those who have been following the Tom Meents Official Website ( over the years, many of you know Gary John Schrader. Gary John is autistic and a 16 year veteran fan of MaxD and recently graduated High School. Very big milestone for Gary John's parents, very proud moment. This website began in 1997 and continues to grow; over 77 Countries and houses the largest database of active fans on the internet. This website as well as the fan facebook page for Tom Meents is our giving back to Tom Meents for his dedicated support and years being a role model for all the fans. Tom has truly inspired our son over the years in ways which has helped him in his daily struggles with autism. Thank you Tom...The Schraders

- Office Meents Website! Thank you everyone for supporting Tom's Website over the years and the continued effort on putting "" on your banners. This website along with the facebook page for Tom Meents allows fans to write in, post photos and share experiences for Tom to read. The Official Tom Meents Facebook page; Tom activily reads this website as well as the facebook page. Thank you everyone for supporting Tom Meents - The Schraders

- Fan Message Alert! Hi Tom! I met you at Metro PCS in Hurst, TX, when my dad and I got pit passes for the Monster Jam at Cowboys Stadium. The picture you signed is hanging on my bedroom door so I can remember it forever! You were awesome at Cowboys Stadium! I had so much fun watching you in freestyle when your truck body came off, then the tires flew off and your truck landed vertically. This was my first Monster Jam and, after watching you, I can't wait to go again and again and again! You're the best Monster truck driver ever!! Name - Lauren Butler, Hurst, TX

- Fan Message Alert! Tom, Thank you for putting on a great show at Ford Field this year (2011). I also wanted to thank you for giving your helmet to my son Reed. He kept talking for weeks about how he was going to make a "Max-D" sign and you would give him your helmet. We kept telling him that Ford Field was a big place and there would be thousands of other kids there and not to get his hopes up. When you finished your freestyle on the exact opposite end of the stadium, i never thought you would come all the way around just to give Reed your helmet, but you did. I will never forget the energy of the crowd screaming when you came up into the stands. I will never forget the look on Reed's face when he came back up to his seat with your helmet on his head. It was an amazing feeling and i'm sure none of my family will ever forget. Also, thank you for signing the helmet. It was really an honor to meet you and get pictures with you. Not many kids get to actually meet thier heroes in person but i'm glad Reed did. And he has a souvenir the he can keep forever. I am having a display case made for the helmet so we can proudly display it in our home. Thanks again! Randy, Owosso, MI

- Fan Message Alert! When my boy gets into something he really gets into it, and what a better thing to get into than Monster Jam. All you guy's are great and good to your fans. My boy watches Monster Jam all the time and has dreamed about having Tom Meents give him his helmet at an event. He became a Maximum Destruction fan when we went to the World Finals in Las Vegas when Tom did his truck flip, Woooooooooooooo! that was great. Well he made my little boys dream come true the other night (1-16-11 in San Antonio) when Tom presented his helmet To Cory, My son, I know he will remember this for the rest of his life, Great job Tom and all you guys & girls, You are all really great individuals, you all set a great example to our kids and I can't think of a better roll model than Tom Meents! Maybe some day my boy Cory will compete with Tom on the track! A boy can only dream!...Gary, Boerne, Texas

- Fan Message Alert! Hi Tom! Just wanted to express my gratitude for not only the awesome show at Ford Field Saturday but the AMAZING display of TRUE dedication you have for your fans! Especially the little ones! Your enthusiasm for the show and fans could be felt outside the stadium. This was my kids second show but first time seeing you and "Maximum Destruction" at work! My Son Daughter had a favorite from a previous show who was not there Saturday but I think they probably can't remember who that was! I told them to watch out for a big show from you and of course you did not disappoint! I don't know if it was the HIGH flying jumps (even with a broken motor and flat tire), the near roll over and recovery, you giving your helmet to a lucky little one, or the high five you gave my daughter on your way to the autograph session but you got a fan for life! Check that, a whole family of fans! Thank You so much and God Bless!...Mike, Sanford, MI

- We need Tee-Shirt ideas! "Go Big or Go Home" Tee-Shirts now in the works, so Tom knows your an official fan! Please submit your ideas here. - Color? Saying? Ideas?

- Meents Racing Website, is undergoing a new design! Soon to be released, really cool! What would you like to see?
- New York State President for the Tom Meents Fan Club! Great site and thanks for posting our photo from West Leb last summer!!! My son Andrew is 7 years old and has been a huge fan of Tom's since he was about 3! Everyone that knows Andrew can tell you that Tom Meents is his hero. He was beyond excited to finally meet Tom last summer at West Lebanon! There's a picture of him with Tom and his little brother Alex hung on his wall and he smiles at it every day. Meeting Tom was easily the highlight of his young life! When Tom picked him up for that photo he was grinning from ear to ear! We'll soon be seeing Tom again at the Carrier Dome show in Syracuse. We've been counting down the days until the show since Christmas and we're working hard on our sign for the show! If there every was a kid who should be designated as the New York State Team Meents President it's Andrew. He truly is the biggest Team Meents fan in NY state! Tom, thanks for being a great role model for my son and all the other kids out there. It's rare these days for kids to have someone that they can look up to and admire who is truly worthy of being called their "hero". See you at the show March 12th!! - Byron Wheeler, New York

- Hi Tom! I was the security guard in the white shirt at your truck in Dallas. As I watched you sign autographs and take photos the joy you gave your fans was something I will always remember. The time and care you took with the young fans truly showed the type of person you are. It was apparent that you really care for your fans. When your special fans came to you the extra time you gave them to ensure that they had a fun and positive experience impressed me. Thank you for all of the time you spent to make sure everyone had a chance to talk with you and have a picture taken with you. Also I understand your name is Maximum Destruction, but in Dallas you really didn't need to prove it with your truck. Take care and keep on winning. One of your new Fans. - Jerald, Little Elm, Texas

- Wow in Dallas! When we thought we seen it all, Tom Meents took down the house in Dallas Texas by an awesome Freestyle that will forever go down in history. Incredible display of Maximum Destruction, Tom Meents at his very best!

- Tom I am a huge fan of you and your truck. I think you are the greatest driver to ever pilot a monster jam machine! You never hold anything back and I truly respect that. I have been watching monsterjam ever since you drove the Goldberg truck and you have always been my favorite driver. I was at the tampa show on February 5th and you came up to me in the crowd and let me yell in the microphone!!! Thank you so much for acknowledging me, it was a dream come true and you totally shocked me with that!!! Do you remember this? Please come back to tampa next year. Every year i was at the event in tampa when you attended you dominated the freestyle! And each year it was a muddy mess lol. Thank you Tom!! I cant wait to meet you at the pit party sometime. - Todd Secor, Tampa Florida

Tom Meents and Alex
Tom's Minnesota President Alex! - Send In Your Photos!
Tom with Justin and Kyle
Tom Meents with Justin & Kyle - Your Photo!
Tom Meents and Joshua
Tom Meents and Joshua! - Send In Your Photos!
Tom with Scott
Dedicated Fan since 2001, Scott - Your Photo!

Tom Meents and Tyler in Detroit!:   
This is 6 year old Tyler Klappauf of Mokena, Illinois. Tyler has been a huge Monster Jam and Max D fan for over three years now. Every year, Tyler and his parents head out on the "Midwest Tour" and finish it off celebrating Tyler's Birthday at the World Finals in Vegas. Tyler's 2011 season got off to an awesome start as Tom had an unbelievable run and save in Detroit, Michigan. Now Tyler will be off to Indianapolis, Rosemont and St. Louis to cheer on Max D. Then once again, Tyler will spend his birthday flying to Vegas to watch Max D shoot for titles 9 and 10. Once we're done celebrating, who wants to wait for a new year. We'll see you in Cincy come July. Go Max D!!!!!!

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CrushCars and Tom Meents with Tyler
Tom and Tyler Having Fun!

Big Meents Fans!
Phili MetroPCS Monster Jam! - Send In Your Photos!
A Great Time with Meents!
Having Fun with Tom Meents! - Send In Your Photos!
Having More Fun!
Even More Fun with Meents! - Send In Your Photos!
Who Gets This Helmet?
Who Gets This Helmet in Phili? - Send In Your Photos!
What a Great Day!
Justin, Tom and Megan in Phili! - Send In Your Photos!
Gavin and Tom Meents
Gavin and Tom Meents! - Send In Your Photos!
Logan and Meents in Vegas!
Logan and Meents! - Send In Your Photos!
Fun with Meents in West Leb
Meents in West Leb! - Send In Your Photos!

Dalton and Meents in Cleveland
Dalton and Meents in Cleveland - Send In Your Photos!
Kevin and Meents in Cleveland
Kevin and Meents in Cleveland - Your Photo!

Crush Cars Welcomes Our Alabama State Presidents Gavin and Nathan!:   
Well, the only time we have got to see Tom perform was in Pensacola Florida in 09' and we were fans before, but, when we met him in person it just changed our whole outlook on Tom and other drivers! Tom is one the coolest monster truck drivers we had ever met and does the most killer doughnuts ever!! To take the time to meet and greet all these people and to do three shows in 2 days, just goes to show how he and other drivers really care for their fans! My girlfriend will only go to a monster jam show if Tom is gonna be there and we hope we can see him again very soon. My 5 yr old is such a big MaxD fan that we have nicknamed him "MaxG" short for Gavin, boy he loves it when we call him that! My other son is Nathan is seven yrs old. Thanks Gang!
Thanks Meents Racing!

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CrushCars and Tom Meents Welcome Gavin and Nathan as our newest Tom Meents Fan Club State Presidents!
Welcome Gavin and Nathan as Presidents!

Big Meents Fans!
Wow, What Air, Incredible! - Send In Your Photos!
Up Up and Away!
WhooWhooo Up Up and Away! - Send In Your Photos!

CrushCars and Tom Meents Welcome Michael and Samuel as our newest Tom Meents Fan Club State Presidents!
Welcome Michael and Samuel as Presidents!
Crush Cars Welcomes Our Michigan State Presidents Michael and Samuel!:   
Michael and Samuel love Max D. They always cheer Tom on and they watch Monster Jam two times a day. Samuel celebrated his 3rd BD with a MAX D party and he got his new Max D shirt, Michael had got his little brother the "Dirt tires" Max D truck for his birthday and it was his favorite toy! Samuel is even nicknamed "Samuel Tommeents" (his middle name is Thomas) because he loves Tom and acts like him. The boys are hoping that they will get a chance to meet Tom in person someday and take a bunch of pictures. As always "GO BIG OR GO HOME!' MAX D RULES!
Thanks Meents Racing! Melissa Wilson

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Ethan and Brandon with Meents
Ethan and Brandon - Send In Your Photos!
Mathew and Meents at Jack in the Box
Mathew with Meents! - Send In Your Photos!
Ken, Shane and Meents
Ken, Shane and Tom - Send In Your Photos!
Luke, Barry and Meents!
Luke, Barry and Meents! - Send In Your Photos!
F-16 Pilots with Meents
F-16 Pilots with Meents - Send In Your Photos!
Mathew's Banner!
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Meents Makes Smiles!
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Meents in Albuquerque!
Meents in Albuquerque! - Send Photos!
Neil Elliott is Back!
Neil Elliott is Back! - Send Photos!

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Hey Tom, my name is Andrew and i am 16 years old. I got my first kidney transplant when i was 10 after batteling with my first one for 8 years that i rejected. I got to go to my first big monsterjam event at atlanta this year when i got a handshake from you after the event. You are now my favorite driver and i want to say thanks because that made my first big monsterjam event special and good luck the rest of the season.
Andrew Taylor, Montgomery, Alabama

How many peices does your truck have? And How long does it take precisely to paint your whole truck.
Eric , Arkoma, OK

Hey starting the new year out good I see. I just wanted to say that I dream of driving a monster truck and one of these day if I hit the lottery Im on the way to join you. But in the meen time I'll keep mud racing and you keep winning. If you need someone to drive the bulldozzer truck in the future email me..... ha ha right
Tommy Shingleton, Romney, WV

Michael Lewis, Pittston, PA

tom,instead of going big right out the gate in freestyle ,take it slow but with momentum and in bounus air it out.mention me on live monster jam tv.i gave you a tip
Tyler Gopie, Fyzabad, Ttrinidad

Hey Tom. I want to say, I am so glad that you came to the monster truck scene. I have watched you from the beginning, when you were Goldberg until today. You are the reason I watch Monster Jam. I stopped watching monster truck racing when I was in my early teens, but you are the real reason I got re-interested in watching monster trucks (Now I'm 32). You have brought such energy and excitement and are spectacular to see. Even if you don't wreck your truck you are by far the greatest in freestyle. Keep up the great performance. PS: You have always had such a great vehicle. I don't know how you built it, but you were the first to have the least leaning chassis. I think that, along with your know how, you bring the best possible show to each and every event. It's so great to see you walking around in the crowd after your race. We, the fans, love you.
Ryan, Colbert, GA

FOR 365 DAYS,I HAVE BEEN PLANNING TO SEE YOU IN VEGAS!!!!! I am a HUGE fan of Maximum Destruction. I believe that you are the best AND most EXTREME driver in Monster Jam history!!!! I can't wait to meet you in VEGAS in one week!!!
Gabriel, Lexington, Kentucky

Hope you do well in Vegas; we can't be there in person but we will be thinking of you. Try not to do anything "too crazy". GO BIG OR GO HOME! The Wilson Family
Melissa Wilson, Lansing, MI

hey tom.i think you should put the old goldberg exhaust set up on max d and here is a tip to win,do not go very big in freestyle but when bonus comes air it out.when i grow up i want to drive max d number 2 or meents rule monster jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.hope you become ten time world champ.
Tyler Gopie, Fyzabad, Trinidad

Hey Tom! I still wish my dad would of picked up his phone. But I can not wait to see you in Indy maybe Detroit and few other places. But the renewed Silver Dome Show is coming I wish you could show those guys who are coming there. You are still are one of the fastest racers around in the mud and monsters. But VEGAS 2011 is where my Mission is on to see you and my dads other buddies battle it out. I hope you come Cincinatti this summer! See YA! #1 craziest fan of the bunch for monsters Luke De Leeuw
Luke De Leeuw, West Olive, Holland


Hi Tom, I am 9 years old and I love Monster Jam and I play it all the time in my house by jumping over pillows and jumps. I have the Wii video game too. I love it when you go big, your the best! You are awesome and I love watching you free style. From Branson
Branson, St. Leon, Canada

Hello I belive my son holds the record of monster truck toy's he got's over 160 of the small scale
Efrain Rosales III, Fort Worth, TX

hey. wouldn't it be fun to swap trucks with gravedigger. the max fans would love to see tom do maximum destruction to the digger
Lennie Voytovich, Grindstone, PA

Kyle Rusinko, Scranton, Pennsylvania

It is great that you are already on The indianapolis monster jam in 2011 can't what to see you beat Grave Digger
Darrell McClure, Greensburg, Indiana

I met u for the first time at this years world finals. Thanks for the awesome photograph and great memories. Hope I can meet u again sometime!!!!!! Keep doing what u do best
Jordan, Phoenix, Arizona

Tom, I know you get tons of email telling you how great you are, and it's true, but I just wanted to take a minute to tell you thank you. I just got back from the World Finals in Vegas, and as usual, I was not disappointed. This year was different because it was the first year since the start of the World Finals that my mom hasn't been there cheering for her favorite driver (due to medical reasons) I was the crazy fan who shoved a cell phone in your face and said "Say hi Sue" I just want you to know that the few minutes you took to talk to her literally made her cry. TO hear the voice of the one she had her heart set on seeing, well, that was the best medecine we could have given her. Thank you so much Tom, for all your hard work and dedication you put into your career, but also for taking the time for your fans when they really need you!!! We love you Tom and will be back next year WITH MOM Lots of love and gratitude, Lindsay
Lindsay Ryan, Richfield, Utah

Hi Tom i am abig fan off you . Can you tell me if you come to Arnhem in The Netherlands this year. I hope to hear from tou soon .Greetings from a big fan Koen Kemmeren
Koen Kemmeren, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Tom, i came to see you in the uk last year ay cardiff and met you with my brother, you picked him up by his collar. can you tell me which show YOU will be at this autumn in the UK? Manchester? Birmingham? We would love to meet you again. Go Team Meents!! Thomas.

Tom, best of luck in 2010, hope to see you in Salinas in May. Thanks for all that you stand for and the awesome example that you set. The Schmidt family. PS - THANKS FOR WRECKING YOUR TRUCK FOR US FANS !!
The Schmidt Family - Joshua, Willy, Christine and Michael, Santa Clara, California

Hi Tom, I can't wait until you come to Philly this year. I want to see you and Dennis Battle it out in Lincoln Financial Field. I want to see big air, wild saves, and awesome crashes.
Mark Albert, Deptford, New Jersey

I just wanted to say thanks. We were at World Finals for the third year in a row. My sons are huge fans. Thanks for takeing the time to talk to them and for photos at pit party. You are my son Ian's (age 11) hero
WAYNE SOUTHALL, Grants Pass, Oregon

Do you ever come to Australia to put on a show for Australian Maximum Destruction fans? Because im a big fan of you and Max-D!!
Gary Smith, Bonnels Bay, New South Wales

I looked at the schedule and saw you are already on the list for the 2011 Indy Monster Jam. I got an email that said Dennis Anderson might be at INDY this year. I know you will beat him though no problem.
Dylan McClure, Greensburg, Indiana

HI Tom, my 3 yr old grandson (Caiden) and my husband watch your show often (yes, they make me DVR the episodes)They have never been to a show, which is fine, but I was wondering where i can purchase matching shirts for them? You are their favorite. Caiden collects monster trucks and plays them most of the day. I find it a lil odd that he knows your name and all the information about these shows. (but what do I know, I raised 5 daughters! lol) Feel free to let me know. thanks!
Cherie, Racine, WI

Hey pard, i met u in St. Louis and you gave me a hug,lol. I was so happy im almost 16 and LOVE monster jam , i guarante im ure biggest fan! Id love to be a driver myself but i dont see that crazy dream happening. Well Idk if this site is real but good lucck this year! Show dennis up :) Ready for 2011 in STL
Britney Juliette, Cadet, Missouri

Tom we miss you at Hagerstown Speedway in Hagerstown MD. Its no fun if your not there. Please come back and see us.
Jessica Hook, Needmore, PA

hey tom when are you coming to hagerstown speedway again in hagerstown maryland we miss you and dennis it just sucks since you all left and never came back 5 years again please come back this year.
Michael Wolfe, Needmore, PA

hey tom hows it goin good i hope man we miss u at hagerstown speedway in hagerstown md will u ever come back there I SURE HOPE SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck tom take care.sue
Sue Wolfe, Nneedmore, PA

hay tom meents mike works the monster jam and i wanted you to see if you can make it to the florida sports park this comeing weeek! hurry and get your truck ready! its first go day is the 24th of april! take the free way donw buddy to kick publo in the holee!
Matthew paulins and Mike Paulins, Naples, Florida

Hey Tom! I am the Make-A-Wish volunteer for Shane. I wanted to say thank you so much for making his wish extra special!!! They loved meeting you!
Ashley Dockendorf, North Liberty, Iowa

Hey Tom! WF11 is coming close! Then days left. I wish you and your crew good luck for the WF. Go big or go home! Get that double down! Greetings from Holland, Frank
Frank Benjamins, Odoorn, Netherlands

Tom, My son Wyatt is a huge fan of yours. I am copying this poem that he wrote and dedicated to you during his 2nd grade English class. The first letters were to spell Truck and he included a picture of your car on the poem. It doesn't quite attach well to this message, but I hope you get a small sense of how much he loves to watch you race! We hope to find an opportunity to see you in person soon!

Tom Meents is the driver.
Red and orange
Uses wheels
Can jump high
King of the champions.

It's Maximum Destruction! by Wyatt Kissell
Dedicated to Tom Meents
Kathleen Kissell, Mount Vernon, Ohio

WOW! Tom Meents! Worth every minute of our four hour drive from Reno, NV. We wouldnt have missed it for the world.When we heard you were going to be on the west coast we instantly bought our tickets. For all those Oakland fans who dont know "Tom Meents" enough to stick around to see who gets that Helmet, SHAME ON THEM! I hope that you will return to the west coast for not all of us are that rude. Just that some of us can't afford the front row during these rough times,on a mission to be there someday! See you through the tube, until next time. "go big or go home"

Hello Tom. Thanks for coming to Oakland and please come back! This was my first Monster Jam and you were awesome. I don't care if Tropic Thunder or Monster Mutt won, you are always a winner in our hearts! I remember back in the day you were driving Goldberg and you were awesome and still are! Stay cool and always, ALWAYS, keep up the Maximum Destructionnnnnn!!!!
Matthew Medina, Castro Valley, California

Tom Meents, I have monster jam urban assalt. I use you evry time I play monster jam urban assalt for DS!
Ammon Crase, galion, ohio

im a big fan when i see your truck i go wild
felipe, burnsville, minnesota


Tom Meents,I am in your club!My mom says you are awesome.My frend and I watch you on speed/you tube.My 1st favorite driver in monster jam is you.I always draw pictures of your monster truck.I made a club called maximum desruction!
ammon crase, galion, ohio

Can you please come to Detroit. I have been wanting to tell you that my first two words were Tom Meents. Sincerely Austin
Austin, waterford, Michigan

Hey Tom, Long time envious Australian Fan here! My name is Emma, 27, and just recently, the Aust. Monster Trucks passed through! Umm cant say it was FRIGGIN AWESOME like you have in the States but hey heres hopin' that the compition will grow and we might just see ya over here in the land of Auz. My hubby Scott, 37, is a Grave Digger fan but just is GOBSMACKED at how well you can "Go Big"...makes for great loungeroom entertainment hehehe! I had never heard about monster trucks till about 3 years ago (talk about living under Ayres Rock) and you were the first truck I saw and that was IT! #1 Long Distance Fan hehehe! How come it seems like you are the only person game enough to give the freestyle so much? Other than Grave Digger and Taz I find most other trucks to be a lil on the tame side... But I think compared to your "No Fear" Style, no wonder I guess! Oh and Avenger yells too much tell him to pipe down I can hear him from Auz lol! Kiddin! Anyways if this is really you, thanks for the chance to lemme send this through. If you have any info on how I can buy your murchandise PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP before the hubby gets my boy Kai, 2 & a half y/o, into Grave Digger stuff lmao! Nah we love both of ya, and for gods sakes get your Freestyling Butts out here! Cheers Mate, your great to watch! ...oh and if you can manage a shout out to Emma Scott and Kai when ya win ya next trophy... lol Take Care All the Best, (The 10 billionth Fan, but #1 @ heart) Emma xoxo
Emma, Adelaide, South Australia

Dear Tom, Zachary is eight years old, a HUGE and ENTHUSIASTIC Max D fan, and a devoted cub scout. We would like to send you pictures of what may be the first MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION Pinewood Derby car ever..... please respond with an e-mail address and we will send over pictures of the car, as well as a picture of Zachary with his MAX D pinewood derby can AND TROPHY for the best looking and coolest pinewood derby car in his pack (voted by his fellow scouts!)
Zachary Schulfer, Custer, WI

Tom,my dad and I are big fans of youres. I wish you could come to my birthday party on apr,26.
ammon crase, galion, ohio

gayla dacosta, el paso, tx

Hi Tom. My name is Bob. I am 7 years old. I love monster trucks. Can you come to my house with your truck. because I want to show my friend Chris on Saturday. I saw you on Destroy Build Destroy on cartoon network.
Bob Rosman, Omaha, Nebraska

how many times have you beat gravedigger?
drew dizmang, cimrron, kansas

Tom, I am huge fan and love to see you compete against Grave Digger. You are having a great season. Every year Virginia Beach hosts "Monsters on the Beach" where monster trucks race and freestyle at the oceanfront in the sand. Grave Digger is always there, and I was hoping you would consider coming as well - would love to see the Max D slinging sand and competing with Grave Digger. This year it is May 7th - 9th - hope to see you there! - Kyle (age 4)
Kyle, Virginia Beach, VA

I am so disapointed that you won't be here with us in Jax. this Saturday. This is my one day away from caregiver duties to my Mom, taking care of my brother and having myself a great time. I will truly miss you but rest assured, I will remind you of it next year. How am I gonna last without my once a year Meents hug? oh my. Good Luck Tom!!
kathleen shuman king, jacksonville, florida

My son has been into monster trucks since he was born. He is now 5. He has liked alot of drivers, but after meeting and watching Tom race in Merced (I believe) this last summer. He is the biggest fan of Tom. Tom is all he wants to watch and the only truck he plays with. We can't make it to oakland this weekend due to an oral surgery he is having on his tongue. But we look forward to the next time. Tom you are awesome keep up the killer driving. PS love the BMC bike.
Justin L, Livermore, CA

Hey, iam 4 years old on Feb. 28th and am a huge fan. i love watching you on speed. My birthday wish is for my mommy & daddy to get me your autograph on a t-shirt. i am going to van andel arena to thunder nationals. hope you see my sign. mommy is helping me type this. your buddy!
zara-eden watson, decatur, michigan

Tom, I loved the crash in cleveland feb 16 2010. I am a big fan of yours. thanks for signing my t-sirt. I have a toy of maximum destruction. I am making my room maximum destruction. please write back so I know you got my my message.
Ammon Crase, Galion, Ohio

Tom, I've been watching Monster Jam for quite some time and know when I started watching you used to drive a different truck but for the life of me cannot remember what truck it was or what it looked like, sorry. Can you please tell me what it was? Thank you so much.
Renee Long, Mosinee, WI

Tom I was one of the first fans to see you at the Double Down party back in 2009. I had mentioned to you when I first saw you at an event in Maryland. I have been a fan of yours since 2000. I first saw you when you were in TEAM MEENTS. I never had a chance to see you until I went to an event at Tampa, Florida back in 2008. Then I got an oppertunity to go to World Finals 10. I still can't figure out how your opponent flipped the truck forward in to the stands. I am glad to say that I will be at World Finals 11. I have no idea how you are going to top that backflip. In Vegas anything can happen when you have to go BIG or go home. I can't wait to see you run again.
Austin Wall, Yorktown, Virginia

Jossy, Bedford, Indiana

Hi Tom: Thanks for posting the photo of you holding my son's poster on the web-site! His is the one with "" across the top. We saw you this year at both Indianapolis and St. Louis and, although Wil(7) has waited many times in line to get your autograph, he is just tickled each and every time he meets you. I lived in Kankakee, Illinois for a many years and we go up there 3-4 times a year to visit family. Wil always makes us stop in Paxton on the way up and back to gas up and get something to eat, and he keeps the gas receipts to stick to his poster board in his bedroom. Thanks for being so great to your young fans! Woooooo!
Heather Kyle, Owensboro, Kentucky

Caught your show in Orlando on Saturday! Amazing performance,.. you shoulda won,.. I think you were robbed!!! I posted pics,.. I up loaded them to your facebook link (MeentsRacing on Facebook) if you wanna see'm
John Mark Labbe, Orlando, Florida

My sons saw you this last weekend in cleveland, Oh and we met you several times in the hotel. I really appreciate you talking with them as they really look up to you and talk about you with their friends. they has a great time at the show but can't stop talking about meeting you in the hotel and the donut you did in your car outside. Thanks again for being so great with your fans!!
Sarah Hemstreet, Kalamazoo, Michigan

I love your truck, for the first time since it was even goldberg i had never got to see the truck neil came to charlotte and i got tickets in oct. for feb. i hope u bring it back every year and i have been coming to see monster trucks since i was 1 and now i am 22 atleast 1 show each year. I really hope to get a shirt of yours soon and I hope you can come to greensboro or charlotte next year. Brian D.
Brian Wood, Jonesville, North Carolina

Dear Tom Meents, You have no idea the two fans you have here in Odessa. We watch you EVERY day and would really, really, really love for you to come to Odessa.My son (9yrs) Looooves you. We have all your videos. Please respond to us a least. Much loveAnd our hands are out the window waiting!! Wendy and Simon Dillon In Odessa.
Wendy Dillon, Odessa, Texas

Seen you in ST LOUIS this past weekend,awesome show. My boys really love it!!!!! Hope to come to more shows soon. Good luck on the ninth world championship!!!!!!
Brannon Jackson, Clay, KY

March 28, 2009 was the 1st backflip in a Monster Truck by Tom Meents, well the 1st ever Go-Cart to Monster a car was pulled off by Gary John Schrader on May 25, 2009!
See My Meents Style Freestyle!!

Tom, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your show in Minneapolis on January 23rd. You put on one heck of a show. I am the little boy that gave you the poster that I had made for you, that you had me sign. That meant alot to me that you would want me to sign it. Thanks for the great memories and hopefully many more.
Brandon Reich, Mason City, Iowa

Tom, Thank you for your commitment in again putting on a terrific show and taking time in meeting my family and me. You are amazing and awesome!!! John
John Garza, Perryville, MO

Dear Tom, Max D is the master of freestyle! You come out, you go nuts Max rules! Patrick
Patrick Vollner, Fairfield, Ohio

Are you or any max d- trucks going to be at the dow event center saginaw MI in march my kids would love it thay r 21/2 but love Max d or as thay say D d is one of there faveret trucks thank you for your time
Rob Trumble, Mt Morris, MI

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We love Monster Jam and usually go to 2 shows in our area each year, Orlando & Tampa, FL. Our favorite is Tom Meents. We love seeing Max-D, but when do we get to see tom Meents drive Max-D in Florida?
Kevin Bilbrey, Leesburg, FL


Tom - Can't wait to see you in Cleveland soon. My 4-1/2 yr old loves "Max D" and is already asking me for a "Max D" puff truck at the Cleveland show.We just bought your Hotwheels "Flag Series" Max D truck. You are our favorite driver and we are really excited to see you tear it up in Cleveland soon. We will spread your message to the other drivers in Cleveland "Go BIG or Go HOME" ...GO MAX D AND GO TOM - Kevin/Dalton - long time Max D fans!
Kevin Koehler, Painesville, Ohio

Tom....My wife and I went to the Monster Jam show in Indianapolis were great as usual during the show, but what impressed us more was watching you interact with your fans during the Party in the Pits. You are a class act. We don't have any children, but if we did we'd want them to meet you. Keep on goin' big.....don't ever go home. Thanks......
Douglas Rowe, Indianapolis, IN

Hey Tom: My 7 year old son Wil and I drove up to Indy to see the show at Lucas Oil Stadium yesterday. Second year in a row. He is a crazy fan of yours! After you won racing, you came up in the stands and picked him out to give free tickets to the Nuclear Cowboys show - his head just about exploded!!! Thank you for making a 7 year old extremely happy! Unfortuntaly, we can't use the tickets as we are going to St.Louis next Saturday to see you again! No one around us could use the tickets either, so, Wil decided to take the tickets with him next week and see if he can get you to sign them for him! So great you are so cool with the kids. I lived in Kankakee, Illinois for many years and when ever we go up there to visit family, we have to get off 57 and drive through Paxton for him! We even have to gas up in Paxton and give the receipts to Wil so he can pin them to his board in his bedroom! Hope to see you in St. Louis! We didn't get far enough up the line to meet you this year at Indy - but did in 2009.
Heather Kyle, Owensboro, Kentucky

Tom. Just like to say you are great with your fans ! We went to our first Monster Jam in Indianapolis 2010. My 11 year waited in line for 3 hours to meet you. The whole time in line with her brother she never said she had to use the restroom. Well she wet her pants. My son called me over and i took her out of line to get her cleaned up best i could. I asked her why didnt she tell anyone that she had to go; Reply I want to meet Tom Meents and crying! poor baby i put her back in line with her brother and myself. Got to the front and at me the guy said this is the cut off line. I didnt know what i was going to do !! the guy said this is your lucky day and let a few more get passed. God answered my prayer. We got the picture and i prayed you didnt pick her up by her pants !! your great !!!
- - - -

Thank you so much for being such an awsome driver and an awsome person. You have no idea how much you posing with my son at Lucas Oil stadium meant to him. We are huge fans and always will be!!!
Amy Clevy, Francisco, Indiana

Tom - Remember San Diego 1998-99 with Gary, Annie, Julie, Cousin, then I caught up with you in Atlanta at The GA Dome in 2000 or something? Well I live in Cleveland and just saw YOU are on the bill this year. Maybe we could catch up??? Mary Ellen
Mary Ellen Hill, Cleveland, Ohio

Congrats You are on your way to Vegas. Good luck this weekend in st. Louis we will be there to watch you with 4 other good friends. Is there freestyle also there plus racing because we love when you tear it up and go wild. This will be our first big stadium show and I know you won't let us down. Go big or go home. Gary,Christie& Nolan
Bressi family, Chenoa, Illinois

hey i always liked your monster truck and i always watched u beat the other monster trucks
David Hanner, Denham Springs, Louisiana

Will you be at Sears Center March 12 & 13?
Gene Anderson, Machesney Park, IL

Are you or any max d- trucks going to be at the dow event center saginaw MI in march my kids would love it thay r 21/2 but love Max d or as thay say D d is one of there faveret trucks thank you for your time
Rob Trumble, Mt Morris, MI

Do you know my dad Brennan Borg. If you do I am his son. You rocked the fargodome last year. You are one of the best drivers out there.
Adair Hartze, Fargo, North Dakota

Dear Tom I love it when you freestyle! ITS CRAZY! I hope you come to all the Michigan shows in 2011 like Detoit, Grand Rapids, Saginaw, and maybe the Pontiac Silver Dome if Monster Jam decides to bring Pontiac back on the venues. Can't wait till Cleveland Tom! Great wishes for Indy!Luke De Leeuw
Luke De Leeuw, Holland, Michigan

Max D you rock the house, We are tired of the digger alwayse scoring higher. You are the reason we stay involved in this sport. YOU ARE THE MAN !!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Sheffer Jr, Grantville, Pennsylvania

Hi Tom- our family met you last year in Vegas. It was awesome!!! It was our first time there, we all loved it! When we met, you didnt just sign our stuff and move on, you talked and laughed and gave us time to take pictures. You made a real impression on us, and we wont forget it!!! We live in Ohio, but the cleveland arena isnt very big, so we went to Detroit this year, didnt get to see you, but you are in our livingroom every night at 5pm on speed!! Hope to see ya soon!! Good luck! Go big or go home!!!
Sandy Lane, Fredericksburg, Ohio

Hello Tom, Our family went to the Anaheim show and the San Diego show but did not see you. I understand you have to trucks and cant make all shows. So is there anyway to find out if you will be at the shows ahead of time? My son was really upset especially since he thought he was going to get another photo with you like he did in San Diego last year. You are different than the others and are thoughtful to your fans as we see in all your shows. The digger doesn't go out to the stands like you do. I hope you respond to this e-mail so that we get better informed for next year in 2011. Maybe by then you will have three trucks....
Adrian. H, Riverside, Ca

hello there im writing this for my little brother George who is absolutely crazy about monster trucks he loves them so much we have so many posters lol of all of the trucks loads of them, and we wondered please can he have the drivers autographs he would never really get the chance to meet them in person and this would be the next best thing for him you would really make his dream come true and the happiest boy on the planet, it would make him happier then what he is now as he was assaulted last year and hes unhappy we thought this could make him so happy i really hope you and your fab drivers of monster trucks can help please:) i really hope you can help thankyou so much and keep up the good work kelly
Kelly, Southampton, UK

Hey Tom. Just wanted to let you know that I'm lookin forward to seeing you kick butt in Indianapolis this weekend. This will be my family and I's 3rd year in a row of attending the monster jam there. Look for the "TOM MEENTS FOR PRESIDENT" sign! Haha. Good luck and as you say, GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!
Tom Spoor Jr., Monterey, IN

My grandfather, Lonnie Garrelts, received a jacked up Bronco from his son, Scott Garrelts, just over 10 years ago. My two son's, Kolby 7, and Chase 4, always called that the monster truck. Last year I saw you were coming to Indy, and since you are from my hometown I decided to take them to see a real monster truck and what they do. THEY LOVED IT!! After the show we waited in line for 2 hours so they could get an autograph from their new hero. To this day it's all they talk about. This Christmas "Santa" bought them tickets to your upcoming show this weekend in Indy. Kolby wants me to make a big poster so you will come give him your helmet. I don't know if we'll be close enough for you to see it, but I know we will be waiting in line after the show for your autograph again. We are so excited to come cheer you on!! Go Big or Go Home!!!
Amber Schaumburg-Borders, Lafayette, Indiana

Tom, I just wanted to say thank you for a woderful show you put on Saturday at the Metrodome in Minnesota. WOW! That was the best Freestyle I have ever seen. And you won the racing title also. You changed my 7 year old from a Digger fan into a Huge Max D fan like me. We truly enjoyed getting your autograph and shaking hands with you. The picture with the kids and you is great. I also wanted to say that I was impressed with you as a gentleman. As my family stood in line to meet you, I witnessed you giving some special attention to a young lady with some special needs. From the smile on both yours and her face, you made her day! I also noticed that a young boy, about 6 or 7 years old, brought you a picture of you and him to autogragh. The boy also brought you a letter he had written. You looked at the letter and told the boy "I love the letter, this is a great letter." You then put the letter in the wheel well of Max D and handed the boy a HO HO. This boy was excited to say the least. Tom, I was impressed with your actions, professionalism and overall kindness and sense of humor with everyone you met. Thank you for doing the extras. Never stop! Thanks for the great memory, John Henckel
John Henckel, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

hey tom, my brother law just called me and asked if me and my husband wanted to go see monster jam in new orleans. You are my favorite driver and did not want to go if you were not there. I was delighted to see that you will be in Baton Rouge in March. I have seen you perform at least a hundred time on tv. (I am a teacher and a mother of two small children which leaves little time for anything else). I am so excited of having the chance to finally see you perform in March. My seven year old daughter is just as excited. Have a happy new year.
Cassandra Boudreaux, Saint Martinville, Louisiana

Tom Meents with Finnegan in Atlanta! Thanks Tom!:

Just wanted to share one of the photos we took at Atlanta of Tom with my son Finnegan.

Gas to drive from NC to Atlanta, GA...$150.00
Hotel room for 2 nights in Atlanta, GA...$247.00
6 VIP tickets to Monster Jam at $200.00 each...$1200.00
A momento for Finnegan to last a lifetime..PRICELESS!!!

Thanks, Tom, for giving a bit of joy and excitement to a few brothers who have had a rough time of it the past year and for giving a small moment in time to a mother who saw, for the first time, someone other than a medical person treat her son like an actual infant and not a specimen or freak. For that bit of time, words cannot express how thankful I am! I hope all goes well and we'll be able to see you again next year. Take care and stay safe, Lorie Gunther
Lorie Gunther
Luuk and Tom
Tom Meents with Finnegan in Atlanta!

Hello Tom, This is Patricia Rutledge and my daughter Charity is crazy about you. She is 4 years old and my husband got a toy truck of Maximum Destruction. She got the truck when she had her first eye surgery. Everything when great. She plays with it every morning when she shows Monster Jam on TV. She gets so happy when you come out. This year on January 16, 2010 in San Antonio, TX my husband and I took both of the girls (Faith & Charity)to the monster Jam they both had a fun. Charity was so happy when she shows your truck. I got a picture of her and her sister and a friend I'll post it later. Charity wanted to give you a hug when you won the race. She was jumping up and down, I have never seen her like that. But, next year that Monster Jam come to San Antonio, TX I have to get a picture of you and Charity together (that would make her day). Thank You, Patricia Rutledge
Patricia Rutledge, La Vernia, TX

I have a nephew who watches monster jam all the time and likes to collect monster trucks. We have been looking for one monster truck in particular and that is Maximum Destruction. My nephews name is Nakota and he is 6 years old. Please let me know where I can find a large replica of Maximum Destruction.
Chad Swan, Calgary, Canada

Hey Tom, I lived in Paxton from 74 to 79 My Grandma lived in Paxton till she passed away. I knew you growing up in Paxton Ill. You were my brother Tim's age 10 when I met you in 1978. You lived on Roselawn. I was 15 You played 2 on 2 street hockey in the winter time with my best friend Rick Wooten along with my brother. You used to be on my team You lived in the next block from Eastview Dr. I remember I used to call you "Chief". you were extremely shy. Your sister was a year younger than me. It is good to hear and see that you are doing great. And representing Paxton well...Hope to see you at the RBC in Raleigh NC this weekend. Take Care David Gonzalez EX-Paxtonite
David Gonzalez, Raleigh, NC

Tom- This is your favorite AE that ran the Monster Jam event in San Antonio!!! It was so awesome meeting you and watching you DRIVE!!! I'm trying to get out to the El Paso March 6th show or Baton Rouge March 12....Rock ON!!!!!!!!!!
Melissa Schoonmaker, San Antonio, Texas

hi tom and team crew i am a huge fan and i really like your monster truck how much does it cost to build it from scratch? from your fan myles
Myles, Kidderminster, United Kingdom

My boyfriend and I just saw Monster Jam in Tacoma WA. After watching it on tv for years, we finally got to go. We were so excited to see an awesome show! Our imaginations were running wild. Will we see trucks soaring through the air? will we see Max D. win the freestyle on only 3 tires? Will we see Tom Meents smack a helmet on child's head? No....instead, we got to see 2nd rate trucks that either broke down or were driven softly so nothing would break. I understand you cant be everywhere, and there are other drivers and other trucks, but this was not at all the Monster Jam we have seen on TV. They wouldnt even air anything like this on TV. We want to save our money and go to Vegas and see a REAL SHOW! The Finals! I just wanted you to know that you have great fans and it hurts when we spend a lot of money to see a show that is nothing like the real thing. We still love ya!
Patricia Olson, Seabeck, Washington

tom you rock best show ever put on i go to every show in indy i have watch you sense bulldozer you have the best personalty with autographs keep up the good work david car
David carr, Connersville, In

Congratulations goes to Tom Meents for the Double Down in the Atlanta Georgia Monster Jam!
For the first time in Monster Jam history, Speed with Advanced Auto Parts presented Racing and Freestyle live on television with 14 of the biggest and baddest in the business. The Georgia clay always gives a challenge to all the drivers but in the end Tom Meents in Maximum Destruction beat Dennis Anderson in Grave Digger in the final round. Then to top that off, Meents took the Freestyle trophy and got the most sought after reward, The Double Down Trophy. This made history and Feld Entertainment did an outstanding job and continues to give the fans of all drivers the best showing ever whether one is at home watching on TV or at the stadium.
As always, send in your favorite pictures you took at the event for Tom to see Send In Your Photos Here!

Way to go on your double down in atlanta i was there and really enjoyed it. didn't get to meet you but i got a picture of you beside the truck. i love the way you and dennis put on a show that is the best part of the show you always keep that man on his toes to hear him say, well hope to see you in atlanta next year for 2011 and do it all over again take care and keep up the good running maybe someday i will be able to work for max-d race team take care and god bless, joshua 7yrs old i also hope someday to own a tom meents helmet
The Chip family, Douglasville, Georgia

We can't wait to see you in the Alamodome. We will be in section 112 cheering you on. (Eli will be celebrating his 10th birthday)!
Eli and family, San Antonio, Texas

Thanks for an incredible show here in the ATL! We've never seen donuts on top of a stack of vehicles before! You are DA MAN! Hope to see you again at Dixie Speedway.
Josha Elliot, CalhounFalls, South Carolina

Tom, are you coming to New Orleans this year? Our house is crossing our fingers that you are!
Kaye Nazarko, New Orleans, Louisiana

Tom- AMAZING!! To see you win DD - history in the making! Sorry we didn't get to meet you personally, but thanks so much for at least taking the picture my son, David, made for you. Being Autistic, he gets very "focused" on certain things - and he was so proud that you took his drawing. Thanks for making Atlanta such an awesome experience - and Congrats!! You were amazing.
Stephanie Partridge, Greenville, SC

(My Dad is writing this for me) I went to Detroit Monster Jam last year just to see you, and you weren't there. I have tickets again this year (Jan 16) and you don't seem to be on the list again. What gives? Nick 4 years old.
Nicholas Emmerich, Commerce Twp, MI

Tom, I am 36 yrs old and although I was a big monster truck fan as a kid, I have not followed the sport in many years. About 6 months ago I stumbled onto a video clip of you in Atlanta while trying to entertain my 15 month old son Liam. Since then, Liam eats, sleeps and breaths monster jam. In particular, Max "D". Other kids his age have teddy bears, but my son won't go to bed without his 1:24 model of your truck (which took me 3 months to find at various walmarts). He's not even 2 and I'm convinced he's your biggest, youngest fan ever. Just wanted to thank you for being such a great role model. We are going to make the 3 hour trip to Cleveland, Oh in Feb. because you will be driving there. Can't wait to get the pit tickets and see Liam's face when he see's the real truck. Wish you luck in Cleveland and the world championships!
Tom, Shelly & Liam Shaver, Buffalo, New York

Tom I live in Michigan,I was wondering why you haven't been in Detroit for Monster Jam the last couple of years.I would really like if you could come to the show in Detriot in 2011. Please write back to me. Sincerly, Joey Paquette
Joey Paquette, Shelby TWP, Michigan

Tom, I'm sure you won't respond, but that is OK as I know you must get thousand of emails. We had an opportunity to meet you in the owners club this weekend at the Atlanta race. My son (Hunter) is a such a big fan of you and he loves the way you go all out everytime. When I put him to bed and tell him stories. His favorite is when I tell him that you had a tummy bug at the world finals and ask him to drive for you. Needless to say you did things in that truck that simply awesome. Thank you for taking time to chat with my son and get pictures. He is still talking about it and will probably remember it forever. When you double down on the trophies I thought he was going to cry as he was so happy. Your class guy and we will always be your biggest fans. Thank you
Bill Gates, Cumming, GA

Hey tom! It was not the start of the new season you hoped for. It didnt go like you wanted, you lost a wheel in the intro and you couldnt even finish the freestyle, i felt realy sorry for you. But now in atlanta 2010: DOUBLE DOWN , yeah baby! congratulations, you deserved it. Great final move in your freestyle freestyle and some real Meents air!. Keep it up tom! , see you in september in Arnhem! Greetz from holland, Frank
Frank Benjamins, Odoorn, The Netherlands

James Speller, Virginia Beach, VA

Congradulations on the win in Atlanta.
Andrew Peck, Iola, KS

heyy how did it feel to win over grave digger at alanta
nick chora, dartmouth, ma

hey tom you rock. are you going to be in indy jan 30 2010
neil bammerlin, warsaw, indiana

I got a Hotwheels Monster Truck and it is my favorite. Will it compete again along side Maximum Destruction? I love to watch you drive!
Channing Bousfield, Knoxville, TN

Hi Tom. My name is Austin and I am 3 years old. I am a huge fan of Max D. You are my favorite truck in all of Monster Jam. When I started watching Monster Jam I could not say Maximum Destruction, so I just called you Max D. I love to watch Monster Jam every morning and I always cheer for you. I would love to meet you in person some day. Good luck in 2010, I will be cheering you on!!! Austin
Austin Donley, Plainville, Illinois

im you number one fan
danny olvera, houston, tx

Hi Tom i am one of your biggest fans. I cant wait to see you tear it up at the georgia this saturday jan.9,2010. Depending on the track we would like to see you attemp your world famous monster truck backflip. Im not goiing to make this long i just wanted to let you know im one of your biggest fan.
Artavius Jones, Atlanta, Georgia

Tom your the greatest!! Very awesome guy and great personality no matter what happens you always have a good mind about it. Excellent at what you do and me and my fiance' watches your shows all the time. Me and my fiance' would love to come and watch you in person but we recently got laid-off from our jobs so money is tight for us right now so we still will watch you on t.v. We think the world of you and you are a good-hearted man.
Billy McLean Jr., Rockwood, Tennessee

hey tom happy new year. you are the best monster truck driver ever i love watching u on tv on monster jam.
brian belcher, mt - pleasant, iowa

hey tom i am a big fan of your i have been watching you since i was about 10 now i am 14 i was wondering when are you going to come to shreveport louisiana i want to see you freestyle i love how crazy you get on the track
daniel, shreveport, louisiana

who is driving max d in tampa on febuary 6 2010
joey, holiday, florida

We have purchased tickets to the February 6th Monster Jam Show in St. Louis at the Edward Jones Dome, and are trying to find out if Tom will be driving. My son is a huge fan, and it has been a dream of his to meet Tom. And although Monster Jam does stop in Council Bluffs and we have gone the last 4 years, I promised my son I would take him to see a bigger show. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
VINCE ARCULEO, Council Bluffs, IA

hi tom.i am a really big fan and i know about allmost all your trucks.this year on valintine's day will be my eleventh bday.since i got into monster trucks ,you and maxd were my favourite right out of the box and when i started collecting the toy monster truck my goal was to get maxd and i got it in the tilt off series
tyler gopie, trinidad (country), fyzabad

are you coming to toronto on january 17 for monster jam at they rogers centre and dennis anderson whated be driving grave digger randy brown will be driving grave digger i love max d and grave digger but one of you can only win
mark, toronto, ontario

Hi Tom, First Happy New Year and may God bless you and your family. I lived in Loda, Il from 81 till 93 when BRAC closed Chanute. I didn't realize what MONSTER Trucks were all about at the time because I was never introduced to them. I was in the GM dealership in Paxton one afternoon and had my frontend aligned on my old Catilina and the employee that did the work asked me about Monster trucks and I had no clue. But it sparked an interest and that was my start of being one of your fans. You were a local and GOOD! I just want to thank you for being a good example for kids and thank you for showing good sportsmanship and keeping your family in front of your game. I am retired now and enjoy watching you on TV. Keep up the good work. I was in Buckley for Christmas and I think of you as I drive through town. Just know your are well liked and I will pray that God keeps you safe in your travels and at the challenges you meet. Gods Blessings Rick Colbert
Rick Colbert, Atoka, Tennessee

Hey Tom I am your #1 fan and I was just wondering if you are coming to monster jam at the citrus bowl in orlando fl on january 30 i would be so happy i have been waiting for years to meet you we have gone to every monter jam in orlando since 2005 and i have not got a chance to meet you. Hopefully this year i will get a chance to meet you. I WILL HAVE A POSTER WAITING FOR YOU TO SIGN.WE WILL BE ON THE SECOND STORY ON THE LEFT SIDE. I HOPE YOU CAN MAKE ARANGEMENTS TO COME TO ORLANDO FL ON JANUARY 30. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! FROM PAMELA
Pamela, micco, fl

Hey Tom, I would like to know your schedule for 2010. We have not seen you in the Detroit area. My kids are big fans and we thought about possibly taking a road trip this year to see you race. Maybe you can post your schedule on your site. Thanks!
Joe, Clinton township, Michigan

Hi Tom, This is Pyper Quinn from North Branch, Minnesota. You are my favorite driver and I love the way Max D flies through the air. I was at the Dec 5th show in Minnesota. I was the only girl dressed up in Max D stuff in a whole row of Digger fans. I even had a sign that said " MAX D " that I would hold up. For Christmas, my dad gave me tickets for the Jan 23rd show and he told you would be there again. I am pumped for the show. Now I have to get him to take me to the Pit Party so I can meet you. I have to start on a new sign so I can show my support for Max D on Jan 23rd. GO BIG OR GO HOME - Max D style! Have a great day.
Pyper Quinn (10yrs), North Branch, Minnesota

You are a testament to motor sports. I watch the stands and the children love you. Thanks for all you do for the kids. GO for an even 10!!!!!
Mike, los alamos, N.M.

Tom, I have been a big fan of yours since the late 80's when i watched you in Shake Me. I grew up in the USHRA and NMRO Mud Racing circuit with my dad and I wanted you to know i try to follow in your footsteps with big horsepower, wheelie pulling mudding and big monster jam air!!! It has been a pleasure watching you over the years. Thanks Drew
Drew, Somerset, Wisconsin

My name is Lisa Bullion, and my son, Shane, is 5 years old and Autistic. Mr. Meents I can't tell you how much you have changed Shane's life. Shane has a hard time communicating and did not talk until he was 3 1/2 years old. When we started watching Monster Jams on Speed about a year ago - Shane took to it and took to YOU!!! He loved the Max D truck and LOVED you. He started talkin about Max D and Tom Meents and even pretends to be Max D and does all your moves. He will actually study them while watching you then try to recreate them in his way! We love the way his imagination has taken over and how he communiates so much better now. You are an amazing person and we just can't thank you enough for helping our son with his autism. We are hoping to attend in January when you come to Orlando - it will be a dream come true for Shane. Shane can be very shy but you have brought out the "monster" in him! THANK YOU!!!!
John and Lisa Bullion, Orlando, Florida

Rhys Plays with Maximum Destruction!

"Hi Tom, This is my 3 year old son Rhys, from NSW Australia. He loves Tom and Maximum Destruction, and we can�t wait for the day that Monster Jam comes to Oz! We don't get to see much televised Jam here, on Fuel occasionally, which we have to record for Rhys to watch over and over! Thanks for being a hero to my little man!"

Stories like this show how Tom Meents impacts the many children around the World. has been the Official Website of Tom Meents for over 12 years and is active in well over 40 Countries and retains the largest Tom Meent's Fan Club Members on the web! Keep the pictures and stories coming! Go Big or Go Home!!!
Tom Meents Official Website
Rhys Loves MaxD!
Rhys from Australia Loves Monster Jam and MaxD!

Garret and Tom Meents
Garret Gets the Ultimate Gift! Meents Helmet!
Garret and Tom Meents!

Just want to say thank you so much Tom for makin my sons dream come true. You gave him your helmet today (10/4/09) in Turlock, ca. U put him up on your shoulder and made him feel so special. That was great and u are great! When we met u at the autograph party a few days ago u seemed like a very warm and down to earth person. Very genuine. Thankyou. We would love to hear from u again. If u are ever in town and would like to join us for dinner, Garret and I would like to have you over for a home cooked meal and good conversation. Again Thankyou for everything! U really made our day, month, year, etc... Lol. Xoxo Shelli and Garret. Your #1 fans! For real!

Garret, Turlock/Modesto, CA

Luuk Goris and Tom Meents in Holland! Helmet Time!:

Hai Tom , I was with my family in Arnhem today for the fourth time. We have made a large banner and you saw it very well. After the freestyle you gave me your helm and I was very happy. After the show on we came for a signature on the helm, so everybody can see it's real!!!! I will thank you for a wunderful show on the freestyle with one BIG WINNER.....YOU!!!!!! greetings from a happy kid, Luuk 27-9-2009 's-heerenberg

I have send you a message yesterdag about monsterjam in Arnhem, Gelredome in The Netherlands. I have showed the helmet today at school and I'm very happy with it. I wil also send you a picture. Thank you very much. I will see you next year in Arnhem. Greetings Luuk
Luuk Goris, S-Heerenberg, Holland
Luuk and Tom
Luuk Goris and Tom Meents in Holland Monster Jam!

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Stanford Springs July 26, 2009!

It was great to meet you at the Stafford Springs, Conn. Monster Jam Show on July 26, 2009. During the pit party you took the time to sign our shirts and even pick us up! Then we watched you win both the racing and freestyle competitions. You were awesome!

Thanks for the memories.

Your fans,
Justin and Megan Adakonis

Meents at Watseka Illinois Ford Dealer!

We took my grandson Mason to the Watseka Illinois Ford Dealer August 22, 2009 to meet Tom, He is SO Great for taking the time to meet these kids. Mason even took a picture of him & Tom back to him, He had Mason sign the picture!! Now how GREAT was that for a 7 year old!!

Thanks Tom Meents...Mason
Mason and Tom Meents
Mason Meets the Man!

The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me:

August 5th, 2009 brought out 10 Monster Trucks at Raceway Park, E-Town, Englishtown, NJ. Everyone was on their game, but in the end the King of E-Town Tom Meents burned his name in the asphalt starting line with his wild cyclones. To top off a great night, he singled out Max Carter and presented him with his winning trophy! What a great day of memories...

"Tom your the BEST !!!!!!! Thank you for your trophy I will take care of it forever I love it I was so happy you gave it to me I was the luckiest kid at raceway park I told every body I was going to get it and everybody said I wouldnt get it. they were wrong I'm your biggest fan thank you for the life time of memories YOUR FAN Max Carter"

Story by Max Carter
Max Carter and Tom Meents
Max Carter on his Happiest Day!

Tom Meents Sets World Record - March 28, 2009

Click Below to Watch!!!

Tom Meents Vegas World Racing Win! - March 28, 2009

Click Below to Watch!!!

Congratulations Mr. Tom Meents! 2009 Racing Champion!
Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, Not 4, Not 5, Not 6, Not 7...BUT NOW, 8 TIMES WORLD CHAMPION TOM MEENTS OF MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION! Our New Racing Champion of Monster Jam rocked the house beyond belief in Las Vegas! The field of trucks were without a doubt the fastest and most consistant of all time, but our favorite Monster Truck Driver of all time, Tom Meents, was the one who brought home the winning Racing Trophy. In Freestyle, driving Air Force Afterburner, Damon Bradshaw brought home the Freestyle Trophy with an incredible show of sick air and amazing moves, talk about skill. Feld Entertainment, now owner of Monster Jam, did an outstanding job of putting the event together with one of the best in history.

The Tom Meents Fan Club crew arrived home safely on March 30th, and we were thrilled to see so many friendly faces of the Tom Meents Fan Club at Sam Boyd Stadium. Nice to spend time with you again Stephen! Thanks so much everyone of you who stopped us to say hi. Great job Konner! Send in your favorite pictures you took at the event for Tom to see Send In Your Photos Here!

The banners this year were really quite creative and artistic that showed our continued support for Meents. All the drivers including of course Dennis Anderson of Grave Digger, Avenger; Jim Koehler, Bounty Hunter; Jimmy Creten, Blue Thunder; Linsey Weenk, Batman; John Seasock, An Escalade; George Balhan, Taz; Adam Anderson, Superman; Chad Fortune, Stone Crusher; Steve Sims, Brutus; Chris Bergeron, Captain Curse; Alex Blackwell, Air Force Afterburner; Damon Bradshaw, War Wizard; Randy Moore, Donkey Kong; Frank Kreml, Safe Auto Minimizer; Mark McDonald, Monster Mutt; Chucky Paulkin, Monster Mutt Dalmation; Candice Jolly, King Krunch; David Smith, Niji Turtle; Pablo Huffaker, Madusa; Madusa; They all did an outstanding job and showed their fans proud.
Tom Meents Fan Club

Daneille Takes Home the Ultimate Gift! Read Below...

Tom Meents and the Danielle Vegas 2009
Danielle Gets the Ultimate Meents Gift...
The Meent's Back Flip Helmet! Vegas 2009!
Tom Meents and the Danielle - March 28, 2009:
My daughter & I spent a week making our Max-D banner ready for the Vegas double down, 24 hrs later we were in Las Vegas! We bumped into Gary John & his Dad on the Friday track walk, he very kindly gave us one of his "Go Big or Go Home" Orange Waving Hands. The Double Down was an awesome experience but the main event was better! We held our huge banner up high all night in an attempt to get it on the big screen but after 4 hrs we had no luck. We watched the encore as Tom did the World's 1st monster truck back-flip. As the crowd went crazy we still held our banner high, we got boo's from behind because it was so big and blocking their view but one guy liked it and he was heading our way - TOM MEENTS! He weaved in and out of the crowd getting closer until he approached my daughter, he held his helmet above her head and slammed it down! He took our "Go Big or Go Home" waving hand & held it up high! It made our night! We got the helmet signed after the show and Tom thanked US for our support - how kind! Well worth the 6000 miles we traveled to see him!  Martin & Danielle, Staffordshire, England UK
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Tom Meents and the Danielle Vegas 2009 Tom Meents and the Danielle Vegas 2009
Tom Meents and the Danielle Vegas 2009 Tom Meents and the Danielle Vegas 2009

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"My son (who is in your Fan Club) Alex (9yrs old) has Aspergers spectrum disorder. Through therapy he has learned to manage it. This past weekend you were in Pittsburgh. Alex wanted to see monster trucks since he knew they were comming in December. Part of his therapy was to "work" towards Monster Jam. His teachers redesigned his lessons around you and Max D. When we arrived at Mellon Arena he saw all the other trucks but not yours. However, when you came out, he became so excited. He became so focused on Max D and you. He looked at me and actually said "Tom Meents is actually real mommy! "Thank you for making Alex so happy."
Jeanne W, Pittsburgh PA

See More Messages to Tom Below...Keep Them Coming for Tom to Read...
Tom Meents and the Schrader's Vegas 2009
Tom Meents & Our Banner, Vegas 2009!
Tom Meents and the Schrader's - March 28, 2009:
Many of Tom's Greatest Fans made very creative and unique banners this year at Las Vegas Monster Jam, including us! It is our yearly project to make our banner, this year we chose to draw the top part of Tom's Monster Truck, took some time as you can see. Mom did most of the work, I helped, Dad walked by every once in a while and made his comments, I don't think Mom listened! This was one of the harder ones we did, hopefully we will get on Television. We were able to get Tom to sign which was neat, Dad took the picture, not bad. This was the best Monster Jam World Finals and now Tom Meents is an 8 Time World Champ!    Send in Your Favorite Photos for Tom to See - CLICK HERE!
Gary John Schrader Jr.

Bryan Holloway and Tom Pensacola FL 3-7-09:

I want to thank Mr Meents for coming to Pensacola. I've seen him in action on SPEEDTV and as always he was more than I expected here in person. Our Civic center is very small as Mr. Meents mentioned in his candid mic preshow ceremony, "This a really small building." A true entertainer and most of all he spends time with the kids. In and out of the stands, pit time and autograph time. Being a Dad and seeing my son jumping and screaming, means you did your job!

Enclosed is a Pic of my lil Man with a face full of smile! It is a real tear jerker when these rascals get so excited! I love it and look forward to many more Monster Jam encounters, this is Bryans 3rd! Thanks again, it takes a true lover of his hobby to be the man Tom Meents! He showed us yesterday!
Steve Holloway
Bryan Holloway and Meents
Bryan Holloway and Tom Meents

From Some Recent Meent's Fans...Keep Em Coming...!

(Misspellings left in place for authenticity)

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Hey Tom, How are you? I'm a huge fan of yours, thanks for giving your 110% all the time even if your monster truck is broken. The reason I am writing is ask if you will be planning to come to Detroit next year. I have noticed that you haven't been to Detroit in quite awhile, the fans here would love to see you again. Thanks for all of your talent and in short "Maximum Destruction". Take care and merry Christmas. Sincerely, Matthew
Matt Hamilton, Southgate, Michigan

Like many of the young boys mentioned, my son has been pushing around his 1/64 scale Maximum Destruction since he was roughly 3 years old. My husband has taken him to three Monster Truck Jams here in town over consecutive years and he gets there early and stays till they close the parking lot. He thinks you and Maximum Distructin are awesome. One time I had ordered your truck on Ebay, not being able to find the paint job he wanted in area store; when it arrived, I thought he'd me heartbroken because the back window was missing. While I was telling him I would find him another somewhere - he was explaining to me - it was awesome because it looked like you'd flipped it(but he still wanted the 2nd one and now has a minimum of 4). You're on his bedroom walls, we've purchased videos just to see you and watch the events any time they are on, not to mention..repeatedly "on demand". You are his hero. To date we have not been able to get a picture of or with you. But we're going to keep trying. He'll see you here in the Spring, I wish there was some way he could "meet you". It will happen, because if there is ever a line for that, we'll be in it. He has you hats, shirts, cars, wall clings and his most recent addition to his MAX D collection - an "official Max D Trash can" for his room. His friends have tried to convert him to Grave Digger but Tom Meents and Maximum Destruction are his Official Team. IT'S 2 AM, I WAS HOPING TO FIND SOME POSTERS OR PICTURES FOR HIS ROOM FOR CHRISTMAS. HE WILL BE EXTREMELY EXCITED TO KNOW HE'S ON YOUR OFFICIAL FAN CLUB LIST! KEEP GOING BIG, DON'T EVER JUST GO HOME. (Allen turned 7 in August). Happy Holidays and a Prosperous and Very Successful New Year.
Allen Lovett, Jacksonville, Florida

Hello Tom i am writing you this to let you know my family loves husband has got our 14 month old baby hollering at the tv everytime you come on yo race or freestyle.they pefer you freestyling ..i have such headaches when you come on tv..due to the screaming that my husband and baby does when your on tv...
Rebecca, Sean & Emilee Abbey, Martinez, Georgia

Hey Tom! You're the best driver ever,and I'm your biggest Fan. You make big jumps,they're very cool:)!!! Greets Miles:)
Miles Hoorn, Netherlands

Tom I've watched you on MONSTER JAM ever since you ran the a Golburg truck. My first impression was he must be the luckest man in the world driving that truck. Until you started doing it over and over again driving that truck so on the edge I couldn't believe it . Keep up the wild shows see you at a jam soon!
Frank Tirrel, Astoria, South Dakota

Hey Tom, I know you wanted to tear down The Metro Dome, you didn't let us down, your truck let you down. You can make it up to us in Vegas. You can sign my picture with you than.
Stephen Kalenbergl, Hutchinson, Minnesota

Hello Tom, My name is Shannon and my sons name is Jacob. I am writing you to today to say "THANK YOU"! My son and I were at the December 5th show in Minneapolis and even though he has briefly met you and you have signed his book the last three years....this last time was extra special for him. You have been his idol and favorite driver since his passion for Monster Trucks began for him four years ago. Monster Jam is the majority of his world right now and he spends his time playing, watching and imagining himself as part of your team. At night when I tuck him in he asks me to tell him stories of the two of you traveling around the country to all the shows and how you end up at the world finals in Las Vegas taking the championship with Jacob by your side. :) He basically tells me how the story is going to go, it's pretty funny! Anyway, he had written you a note the morning of the show in hopes of seeing you and meeting you. He calls you his Big Buddy and considers himself your Little Buddy and wanted you to know how big of a fan he is. He waited in line to meet you at the pit party so he could get his chance. You made him feel so special (as I'm know You did with all the kids there)when you took his note and picked him up for a photo. He talked about it the rest of the night and I KNOW he will continue to talk and think about that moment for a long time to come! Thank you again for making your "Little BUDDY'S" WORLD! You seem like a great person and I hope you are as touched and rewarded with the special feelings of what you do and give to these kids daily! Take Care, Shannon Mickelson
Shannon and Jacob Mickelson, Hugo, MN

Tom you were in MN for the Dec.5 2009 show & weren't very happy but you gave me your helmet little red head with big sign. My dad says he would like to come & help you fix your truck & keep you going after gravee digger & every one else... He is very good at what he does no joke. Well you have my email address contact me I would like to hear from you.. Also Thanks Again for your helmet I will always cherish it.. It sits on my shelf by my bed so I can always see it.... Thanks
Paige Schneider, New Brighton, Minnesota

I was wondering why you havent been to Detroit in the past few years? We would really like to see you again!! Someone said you were scared to meet Grave digger in Detroit....True/False
Brian, Clinton Township, MI

Tom, It's good to see your still kicking but,like the shake Me days,do you recall selling us a shake me body in Mass. years ago? Thanks Tom ,Bill McGuinness
Bill McGuinness, Hermon, N.Y.

I love your freestyles and the way you can get big air without breaking your truck. Like you always say go "big or go home."
Jack Merkle, Millington, Tennessee

Thanks for everything you do i come from a circle track background but what you do in your truck is just amazing i dont remember what world finals it was but when you drove around trying to knock off the front tire so you could still tear it up i was standing up in my living room screamin like a school girl. Your the man! keep it up thank you for the smiles. Dale
Dale Kutsch, Monrovia, California

You are awesome!! I wish you were my brother! I can't wait to see you in Atlanta in the Georigia Dome in Jan '10!! There is no one who drives like you! Your Brother, David Partridge 7 yr old
David Partridge, Woodruff, SC

Dear Tom Meents, can you please come to New Orleans this year. I have never seen you in person before and my Dad loves you alot and so do I. I want to see you run with three wheels and big air. I love you, Matthew Layne Robertson
Matthew Robertson, Denham Springs, LA

I am writing for my grandson who is 8 years old and has cystic fibrosis. He is a big monster truck fan, especially Maximum Destruction (Max-D) and Air Force Afterburner. I am surprising him with tickets to the Feb. 2010 show in St Louis for Christmas and I know he will be thrilled since both of his favorite trucks are scheduled to appear. Thank you for all you do to make a lot of kids happy. Jeanne Bauer P.S. Eric asked if he could change his name to Tom Meents. Told him we'd think about it. (lol)
Jeanne Bauer, St Louis, MO

Hi Tom, My name is like your truck,I watch you all the time and can't wait until your back in Toronto. I am 7 yrs old and love trucks that crush!
Maximus "Destruction" Widdess, Georgetown, Ontario

PLEASE COME TO DALLAS, TX. They only get one show and we all love you. My son, Andrew, is 2 years old, and he is a big Max D fan. He has about 20 of the monster trucks and you can ask him to pick his favorite and he brings the Max D truck every time. He will even yell "GO MAX D!!!" at the TV when he sees you run. We really hope you come to Dallas TX this year and hope you have an awesome season. Go Big or Go Home!!
Casey Ticknor, Sherman, TX

Hello Tom, Just wanted to thank you for all the years you have been with us, We are going to retire and move back to missouri next year. We haven't been to any meets in person because my wife can't deal with the dust and smoke, I wish we could meet you before we leave the area. If you are going to be some where in the Chicago area we would like to buy you dinner. Thanks again!! Have a good one, Frank and Linda
Frank & Linda Wilson, Woodridge, Illonois

Tom, I have been a big fan of yours since the late 80's when i watched you in Shake Me. I grew up in the USHRA and NMRO Mud Racing circuit with my dad and I wanted you to know i try to follow in your footsteps with big horsepower, wheelie pulling mudding and big monster jam air!!! It has been a pleasure watching you over the years. Thanks Drew
Drew, Somerset, Wisconsin

My name is Lisa Bullion, and my son, Shane, is 5 years old and Autistic. Mr. Meents I can't tell you how much you have changed Shane's life. Shane has a hard time communicating and did not talk until he was 3 1/2 years old. When we started watching Monster Jams on Speed about a year ago - Shane took to it and took to YOU!!! He loved the Max D truck and LOVED you. He started talkin about Max D and Tom Meents and even pretends to be Max D and does all your moves. He will actually study them while watching you then try to recreate them in his way! We love the way his imagination has taken over and how he communiates so much better now. You are an amazing person and we just can't thank you enough for helping our son with his autism. We are hoping to attend in January when you come to Orlando - it will be a dream come true for Shane. Shane can be very shy but you have brought out the "monster" in him! THANK YOU!!!!
John and Lisa Bullion, Orlando, Florida

PLEASE COME TO DALLAS, TX. They only get one show and we all love you. My son, Andrew, is 2 years old, and he is a big Max D fan. He has about 20 of the monster trucks and you can ask him to pick his favorite and he brings the Max D truck every time. He will even yell "GO MAX D!!!" at the TV when he sees you run. We really hope you come to Dallas TX this year and hope you have an awesome season. Go Big or Go Home!! Your Friend Dylan
Casey Ticknor, Sherman, TX

Hi Mr. Meents, I am a huge fan of you and Maximum Destruction! Will you be at Monster Jam at Ford Field in January? I'm coming down with some friends for my birthday and really hope to see you drive! Is there a chance to meet you too? It will be my first Monster Jam ( - I am from England and we don't have Monster Trucks over there!) Thanks, Sam Tarling (age 7)
Sam Tarling, Detroit, Michigan

Hi, I'm nine years old and I love to watch you freestyle. I watch you every morning at 7:00 am. I went to the Stafford Motor Speedway show in July '09. I don't know if you remember me, but I was with my cousin and you were holding me and him by the neck! I have a few questions. How does your crew fix all the crazy repairs? What does it feel like getting that much air and crashing so violently? What is it like to be on only 3 wheels? I have an ATV and I love riding it in the sandpits at my house. I would like to be a monster truck driver when I grow up!!!!!!!!
Jake Webster, Merrimac, MA

Hi, I would like to be at one of your shows. I am one of your biggest fans. My favorite monster truck driver is you! If I ever get to meet you one day, I will be rejoicing with happiness! Tom Meents rules!!!!!!! Go Maximum Destruction!!!!!!!
Emily Webster, Merrimac, MA

can i have a helmet. i have been a diehard max.d fan since i was born. i watch monster jam every day and when i see max.d, i say go tom. i have 2 of the monster jam video games and i pick max.d.everytime .cool back flip last year hope you keep being the king of air. you ROCk!!!!!
Coleman Brown, Harrison, Arkansas

Hi, I would like to be at one of your shows. I am one of your biggest fans. My favorite monster truck driver is you! If I ever get to meet you one day, I will be rejoicing with happiness! Tom Meents rules!!!!!!! Go Maximum Destruction!!!!!!!
Emily Webster, Merrimac, MA

Love max d! Your freestyles because you always go huge! I love the huge air! P.S. what was the biggest air that you ever got and how high was it?
Tyler, Buffalo, NY

Hi Tom I saw the extreme home make over you did give that trailer a make over! See you in INDY TOM! Maybe in Detriot....
Luke De Leeuw, West Olive, Michigan

Ansel Aleem Boodoo, Mayaro, WI

Hay Tom do you ever come to the Freestyle Mania in Milwaukee, WI? Me and my dad would really like it if you do, we watch monster jam almost every morin'. We both say you are #1!!!!
Katlyn, Mauston, Wisconsin

Hey Tom, I was checking your website and discovered that we have the same birthday. I'm older though. I would love to watch you the next time you get to Utah, whenever that is. keep trucking. from Trudi Richards #1 fan
Trudi Richards, Vernal, Utah

Hello, I don't know if you're allowed to answer this but I was wondering if you are going to be at Ford Field on January 2010? My boyfriend is a huge fan and I bought him tickets for it and you are his favorite driver, so I am really hoping you are going to be there! If you can let me know that would be awesome but if you can't it's okay.
Kylia, Mount Pleasant, Michigan

you are my fave driver, and was wondering, how many trucks do you have? I love monster jam especially your freestyle, I wake up every morning at 7 to watch you race or tear up some cars, and most of the time your truck too, just this morning you rolled it over and landed your left tires on the wall protection, then you drove it off, but my fave. save of yours was when you got the truck on the side walls of the tires and cyclone it in circles I thought that you could have saved it if that car wouldn't have been there, I hope to some day be a driver and maybe for you, that would be so awesome, I'm only 13 but the youngest driver (forgot name)is only 18, and he drives the fire truck body(cant remember name) but I also love to work on engines, I rebuilt my dads old mower engine(so if you ever want to hire a new willing mechanic. I have a go-kart that I have saved from flipping a few times, I almost flipped my grandpa's I had dirt on the side walls I got so close, but I've learned from watching you, like when to give it gas, how to turn the wheel and so on. I hope to become a monster jam mechanic, then maybe (hopefully) a driver then work for you them own a team. but there is one thing I don't like about your truck, it has a.........CHEVY, I am a ford type of person I love them, but trust me I could deal with Chevy it it meant being on your team!!
Mitchell, Jacksonville, Florida

Dear Tom, On January 31, 2009 you presented my son with your helmet in Houston! The only sad part of it is we didn't get a picture with you and you didn't get a chance to sign the helmet. You did sign the sign that he and his art teacher painted. It was more like a mural of MAX-D! If you're going to come back to Houston this year, i'll bring it to the pit party so you can sign it. I don't know if you remember us but, it's something we'll never ever forget!!!
Diane Cox, Spring, Texas

Hi my name is Dylan. I live in Maine. I am your biggest fan. I think make enourmous jumps and you are a awesome driver. When you break a tire you do good balancing it out. Keep up the great driving. Hope to see you soon. Your Friend Dylan
Dylan, Winslow, Maine

I am writing for my grandson who is 8 years old and has cystic fibrosis. He is a big monster truck fan, especially Maximum Destruction (Max-D) and Air Force Afterburner. I am surprising him with tickets to the Feb. 2010 show in St Louis for Christmas and I know he will be thrilled since both of his favorite trucks are scheduled to appear. Thank you for all you do to make a lot of kids happy. Jeanne Bauer P.S. Eric asked if he could change his name to Tom Meents. Told him we'd think about it. (lol)
Jeanne Bauer, St Louis, MO

Hey tom! Yesterday I was at Monster Jam in Arnhem, Holland. It was great show and it was great to see you again in the pit party en you doing the freestyle! It was a great run with an awesome crash at the end! I loved it! I'm already looking forward to Monster Jam 2010 in Arnhem! Greetz Frank
Frank Benjamins, Odoorn, The Netherlands

I am really hoping you are able to come to the next event at Hampton Colisum in Virginia. Would love to see you and Max D there.
Gavin, Chesapeake, Virginia,

Tom, i always thought if it could b done, u would b the first to complete a backflip. congrats.
Justin Porter, Crawfordsville, Indiana,

David M.Lane, Roanoke, ILL,

Tom, your the most aaesomest monster truck driver i`ve had ever senn in my whole entire life.And for a conpliment for your truck.Your truck is cool,great name,awesome jumps,tricks,and most importantly the crashes.THe truck is cool.But most importantly your both awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
Tyler, Glendale, Arizona,

hi tom my son is 2 years old and he is maximum destruction crazy it is on tv over every morning when it starts he jumps all around the room shouting maximum destruction your his idol at only 2 years old go big or go home thank you very much your a insperation to people every where
Warren Peach, Worksop Notts , United Kingdom,


dear tom thank you for giving my son max your trophie at english town he is so happy and proud he is showing every body im lost for words . THANK YOU for the memories your BIGGEST FANS dave, max Carter
David Carter, FAIRFIELD, CT,

Tom, I'm looking forward to see you in Virginia at Hampton Coliseum next Monster Jam .Y our my best monster truck driver I'M A KID . From Gavin ps. GO BIG OR GO HOME.
Gavin, Chesapeake, Virginia,

Tom I would like to know how to become a team driver for the Max D team
Pat Kramer, Morganfield, Kentucky,

Dear Tom Meents, I saw you at West Lebanon, NY. On the final round of racing, I thought you should have won the race! It was so close! Did you see my birthday sign? I knew your birthday had just passed...hope you had a happy one! Thanks for all the cool driving. Hope to see you at a show near me real soon. Your fan, Sean McGahan
Sean McGahan, Ramsey, NJ,

Hey Tom. I just wanted to apoligize for not recognizing you at Just Hamburgers on August 10th. I was in your home town visiting my wife's family, and ran in to you while you were getting some lunch. I was the guy with the "666" hat on behind you. I don't know how I didn't recognize you, I have been following your carreer for quite some time. I guess since you were being "Normal" and just another great home town guy. I wasn't used to having a huge staple in a sport like yours being "normal". Thanks for not being one of those unaproachable stars who thinks they are better than others. Can't wait to see you at more events.
William Puckett, Belton, TX,

Hey Tom I want to know if your coming to MONSTER JAM 2/20/10 at Land Shark stadium in Miami,FL.If your coming post it on you website.
Dustin Spallone, Ft.lauderdale, Florida,

Tom, See your name all the time. My last name is Meents too. Thought we might be family somewhere down the tree. Hope all is well and keep crushing cars! Jerod Meents
Jerod Meents, Citrus Heights, CA

Tom - 'Just wanted to teel ya that although Boulder's been my home for about 30 years, I was born and raised in Penfield Il, just SE of Paxton! I left when 21 to race F1 Motorcycles in Europe, and Thank God, can still walk at 60! My brothers and I still work the 680 acres, and definitely get a kick of a 'Hometown Boy' making it BIG ! Best Always ! - Michael Hannagan
Michael Hannagan, Boulder , CO,

Just would like to say your the man your truck is an old school front engine, left hand steer, like 10 year old chassis and your always kickin ass. Just shows that you can have the best tecnology there is but if you dont have a good driver it dont meen squat!!!!! Im 32 years old and my favorite thing to do is watch you on Speed with my 14month old son who i can tell is going to grow up to a bigger fan of yours than i am. Thanks for taking the time to read this. PS Congraulations on the 09 championship and when are you comin to canada?
Al Morin, Mission B.C., Canada,

you are my favorite truck driver but i am curious about something. are you related to a jack meents that lives in monticello, in or used to
Melinda Daulton, Monticello, IN

Hi tom. Was wondering i went to saint louis in feb and your motor blew up. Wondering if you are coming back next year and make up for that like you have done at other tracks. Thanks
Brandon, Loves Park, IL

hey tom i meet you at windy hollow thu. wanted ya to know we really apprecated you coming out it was all a great cause and one hell of a show maybe when your not busy you can call us and we can get ya a stock car to run out there for fun it was really nice meeting you and talking. maybe again sometime but again thanks good luck on your next show stay safe be happy cya carmen cauley

Hi, my name is Lucas, 14 years and I'm from Brazil. I'm a huge fan of Tom Meents and I hope I can watch a show in the stadium soon, because is my dream. Here in Brazil I try to watch all shows because not even all this distance is able to separate me from the driver that I love. GO TOM MEENTS!!!
Lucas, São Paulo, SP,

hi,my name is jacob and I am 6 years old and I wanted you to know, i love that you get big air!!! i love all your trophy's I can't wait to meet you in Las Vegas maybe if you can give me your helmet i am gonna be in the front row! number 1 fan! jacob
Jacob Ronalds, Escondido, California,

Hi, We've gone to see Monster Jam at Stafford Motor Speedway in CT in 08 and again on 7/26/09. We had the chance to attend the pit party on Sunday. My kids had such a great time meeting all the drivers and seeing the trucks up close. The highlight was talking with Tom again. My daughter had Tom sign a photo of him w/my kids that was taken the year before. It's now up on our living room wall. He was gracious enough to take another photo of the entire family this time around. What impressed me the most about Tom(aside from his driving)on Sunday was that no child or fan was left disappointed. He stayed and signed for every last one of his fans - long after the pit party ended. That's what keeps me coming back year after year. Tom and all the drivers make it very clear that it's all about the fans. That dedication and kindness is very rare in other sports. We look forward to seeing you again next year. Thank You!
Michael Leduc, A, MA

Tom, your the most aaesomest monster truck driver i`ve had ever senn in my whole entire life.And for a conpliment for your truck.Your truck is cool,great name,awesome jumps,tricks,and most importantly the crashes.THe truck is cool.But most importantly your both awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
Tyler, G, Arizona

i want to become a monster truck driver but dont know when to start im 11 and i need to know how to build a monster truck cuz i want to start when im 16 cool your the best wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Zuriel H, Houston, TX

hi tom i saw you at satfford motor speed way on sunday you did a really good job i really want to get into to thed monster truck sport and own my own monster truck called forst bite some day very soon i love to crush cars and i would love to do doughnuts and filp the truck up side down i love your monster truck your big fan josh
josh m, wolcott,ct

Hey Tom I dont know if you rember me,but im the kid in SanDiego that got your helmet.Im wonder are you coming back to SanDiego again for 2010?
Bruce, San Diego, California

David, L, Roanoke, IL

We were thrilled to get to meet and take a picture with Tom Meents yesterday at Raceway Park. He was already our favorite driver, and that was just enhanced yesterday when he was the only driver who was standing signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. That says a lot, since I'm sure he was wiped out like everyone, yet he stayed out with the fans when all the others were nowhere around. Besides the awesome show he gives, there is a reason he is the best!
Tammy, Hackettstown, NJ

Tom meents do you now how that hood comes off of maximum Destrution.I love!!!!!!! monster trucks!!.I want to have a monster truck when I grow up named Garfeild.I am 7 years old.I love watching maximum Destrution on Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anton Troy, Union Mills, IN

Hey Tom its me kendalle just want to say good job the past three nights and i will see you next year. my mom says hi and she is gonna come one year and come and see you.
Kendalle F, West Lebanon, New York

Tom, we had the best time at our first ever Monster Jam event in Cardiff, yesterday (6th June 09).My son Joe is 4 and watches the show every day. He often says "when I grow up I am gonna be Tom Meents". Thanks for all your efforts in signing and posing for photos. We'll be back next year!
Lucy Paul Emily Olly and Joe, Stourbridge, England, UK

Hey Tom, Had a great time at WF10 in Vegas, you spotted our huge Max-D banner & gave Danielle your 'Back-flip' helmet! how cool is that!Then when we came to see you at MJ in Cardiff, Wales you rememebered us!You are definately the fans favourite driver as you have so much time for them.BIG THANKS Tom!Whooooooooooooooooooooo!
Martin & Danielle, London, UK

Hi, just to let you know we had a great time at Cardiff on Saturday night, it was unfortunate that you did not go the full 90 seconds but it was an awesome jump anyhow. Would just like to say that you made my sons day just by signing his programme, and teh simple thing of doing something different with every child when they were having their photo taken. You are now their favourite driver. Thanks for a great show.
Martin Burch, Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Hey tom !You're 'the man'I'm a big fan of you form holland ;DYour personality + driving skills are the best!I'm looking forward to see you again in arnhem and to see your freestyle on the 26th of september! I'll be there !Greetz Frank
Frank Odoorn, The Netherlands

Hey Tom,I got your autograph through Randy Brown for my daughter, just wanted you to know how much she loves it. The World Finals poster's now framed and going on her wall. It's the next best thing to getting to see you live!
Dwayne Harvie, Halifax, Nova Scotia

hey tom just found this sitewhat a show you put on cardiff that crash was huge, and buy far the highlight of the night, hope there was not to much damage t the truck i am sure you hear this all the time but you are a legend!
Keith Bond, Hereford, herefordshire

Dear Tom: My name is David Pearl. I live in Long Beach, California. I am nine years old and I am really big fan of yours. I want to be in your fan club and I'll be so happy if you see this message. Your biggest fan, David
David P, Long Beach, California

Hey Tom, how you doing, Mum & Dad took me to Monster Jam at Cardiff, it was wicked, how`s Maxi D after you trashed him?- you rock dude!! I`ll try and send you a picture too
Henry Farrell, Banwell (UK) Somerset

Tom you were awesome in Naples,FL 4/26/09 and congrats on 8 time champion hope to see you soon in Sunrise,FL or Miami,FL we'll be there.GO BIG OR GO HOME
Dustin S, Ft.Laderdale, Florida

Hey Tom! It's your #1 fan Danny! Congrats on making it to 8 world titles! And the first backflip in a monster truck! I just wanted to ask you if you'll be coming to any Englishtown, NJ shows this year. If you are, please respond soon. I'm going to one this Saturday May 30th. Hopefully you'll drive Monster Patrol for some good ol' times. Back in the 90's. One more thing, will you be able to come to a Uniondale, NY show or East Rutherford, NJ show? I ask that because I love making signs to bring in case you give me a helmet. Please respond soon, Daniel.
Daniel D, Hillside, New Jersey

you are the best guy ever i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam D, Pitkin, Louisiana

Hey Tom, I would first like to congratulate you on your 2009 world racing championship. I am a monster Jam fan from the small town of Roseburg Oregon. I know you have been here in the past, but i haven't seen you in a few years. Are you going to be appearing here at our show? Thank you for your time, and hope to see you here in the near future.
Isaac W, Roseburg, Oregon

hey tom i'm a fan of your big air and big stunts. it whould be great if you did alot more dangerous stunts to make the croud go wild and so that you can get higher scores from the judgs so you can win do you think you can do that or not
Austin R, Foley, Minnsota

Congrats On Your Latest Win In Vegas 2009 Racing
Rick, Carteret, New Jersey

i want to be a monster truck driver when i'm old enough to drive one, im only 15 but i cant wait,evry time i see you drive your truck as wild as you can, it just gets me so excited, especially, when you pull out saves, and when you did a backflip.GO BIG OR GO HOME AND YOU DEFINETLY GO BIG!!every time.
Isaac, T, new mexico

Charley T, Ocala, Florida

Thanks for taking time to come to Ocala Speedway. Not everyone has the means to take their kids to the big events. It means alot to us when the biggest name in Monster Jam takes the time to come to the small events and meet the fans that would not have that oppertunity otherwise. You were great with the kids and I admire and respect you for that. Thanks again.
Jeff B, Chiefland, Florida

tom me and my son blayne watch every show on speed hes 12 we mud bog every chance we get hes 11 years old if you keepem busy they will stay out of trouble got a yard full of lifted truck. I was in a bad wreck on i 55 south of st louis with a big rig neck was broke and so was my back well its been six month ago im back in my trucks now my dreams has all ways been to be a team owner and drive well guess what doc says no way but guess what i have bought a monster truck found a drive he agreat guy all balls just like me but we r going to make a ride truck out of this one because its old school leaf springs what im needing is info on how to book my truck for show ive been in contact with keith goeman out of little rock ark he ran monster in the 90s and he had a ride trucks also any and all help would be helpfull im serious as a rattle snake bite about this about the time i was in the wreck the instgator truck on the m jam was up for sale and missed it now the clydesdale truck team is up for sale he said hes been around for 31 years we are trying to buy him thanks for your time Henry
Henry N, Paragould, Arkansas

Adam N, Johnson City, Tennessee

Hey Tom great job a Vagas!!! I hope one day you will come back to roseburg,oregon. We miss you man.
Cody, Medford, Oregon

Will you be any were Vermont this year.
Kyle K, Enosburg Falls, Vermont

Hi, I'm a huge fan of yours!!! My little brother and I watch you everyday before an after school on Monster Jam. I love to watch you jump, and roll over. Sometimes my mom says I am glued to the tv when your on, and I almost miss my bus.
Joshua C, Ilion, New York

dear tom...........i have been a huge fan of yours and that pesky big black and green yadda yadda.. anywho i am writeing u today cause . ever since i was 5 years old all i ever wanted to do was race monster trucks. i was a uti student, i have been working on cars and trucks half my life. ... its time i put the gears in drive n live my dream...... i need some help tho and i dont know where to start my schooling to become a monster truck driver. .. can u help me.
Philip Accardo, Sweet Home Chicago, IL

Hey Tom your so awsome I desided to do a speech on you in my school by the way every year here in canada there is a monster truck show in St Johns Nl and it would be relly cool if you could come theres not much space but I bet you could make the best of it
John, H, HR, Canada

Congrats On Your Latest Win In Vegas 2009 Racing
Rick, Carteret, New Jersey

You are the Man! Smart, Fast and Crazy! Fantastic World Finals, Congrats of the Racing Win, Congrats also on the World Record you Set on the Back Flip! Everyone appreciates your dedication and thanks so much for sharing it all on the Internet with your Website -
Vince T, Orlando, Florida

Hey Tom, I would first like to congratulate you on your 2009 world racing championship. I am a monster Jam fan from the small town of Roseburg Oregon. I know you have been here in the past, but i haven't seen you in a few years. Are you going to be appearing here at our show next month (may 1st)? Thank you for your time, and hope to see you here in the near future.
Isaac W, Roseburg, Oregon

Hi, I've been a huge fan of monster trucks for a long time, but some how this is the first time I have found your website. (By the way i am very impressed, and think your doing a great thing here :) I have been looking everywhere trying to find out how to become a mechanic for a monster truck team. I am 19 years old, and would love to start with a team, and work my way up, maybe one day becoming a driver. Since you guys seem so welcoming and knowledgeable in the realm of minster trucks, i was wondering if either you knew what i had to do to become a mechanic, or if you had some contacts that i could possible talk learn from. My favorite monster truck is Max D. Ideally i would love to be a part of that organization. I hope you can help me out. Thanks for your time.
Josh E, Illinois

Congrats on your win in Vegas! I can't believe that I was actually there to see it. I also cannot believe that I was able to meet you! I am still starstruck! What a hottie you are. Thank you for everything that you do for the fans and for the sport, you really give 150%. You have certainly raised the bar like no one else has in Monster Jam and we LOVE to watch you tear it up the way only you can do. Much luck in 2010 and beyond. Can't wait to give you another hug, hopefully I will have recovered by then!
Tracy C, Venango, Pennsylvania

When im older can work for you PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPlease1!!!!!!!!! Go big or go Home
Seth K, East Peoria, Illinois

I have been a Tom Meents fan since 2000. I was about 11 or 12, and was a fan of wrestling and Bill Goldberg, so I liked the Goldberg truck. I quickly became a fan of his driving and his insane freestyle. 9 years later, he has shown absolutely no sign of slowing down, and Tom is STILL the only driver I cheer for. I hope I get to meet him one day. Go big or go home!
Brian K, Beaufort, SC

Hi, my name is river wells and i am nine years old. you are my hero and i love when they call your name on the innercom. iv'e climbed in your truck before but i have never met you. mabye in twenty ten i'll get lucky. you seem to be a very nice man and i hope i get to meet you one day. i saw your truck in tampa in febuary. i say your truck because i didn't know if it was you or not. whoever was in it didn't drive as well as you did.if you were driving that truck, i should have known. you keep on doing what your best at. crushing cars!
River W, Clearwater, Florida

Hi. My name is Deniro McKnight and I'm 15 years old. I thought I was a big Tom Meents fan, but it's clear that your son is a bigger fan than I am! I would like to know when Tom Meents will come to South Carolina because he never came here before? I have met Dennis in Myrtle Beach, but the true legend I want to meet is Tom Meents himself! How did you create the World Finals coarse because I have tried numerous times and failed. I will continue to support Tom Meents, and remember, GO BIG OR GO HOME!!
Deniro M, Kingstree, South Carolina

Dear Tom: I am 9 years old and a triplet (my brother and sister were born on the same day). I'm typing this myself, and I was hoping to meet you someday. You're the best with Maximum Destruction. Thank you so much. Your biggest fan, David
David P, Long Beach, California

Hi this a amazing website. My dad Steve knows Tom from mud racing. They are good friends. We had fun at the pit party in Lucus Oil Stadium on January 24 2009.
Luke and Steve D, West Olive, Michigan

Hey Tom, Just responding to your question about who says, "Go big or go home". A lot of quote sites have this attributed to actress Eliza Dushku. I assume this is from an interview or something, as I don't see it attributed to a movie anywhere. The full quote is: "Go big or go home. Because it's true. What do you have to lose?". Anyway, I also wanted to say that my son is a HUGE fan of yours. He's just four years old, and knows that you drove Team Meents and Goldberg previously (he asked me tons of questions and I looked them up for him after we saw Monster Jam in Pittsburgh). He thinks they should have a monster truck museum for your old trucks and other old monster trucks, which I think is a cool idea, too. Anyway, glad to see this site and how cool you are with the fans. I'll have to do the meet and great thing with him next time we come to a Monster Jam show that you're in. Take care, Dave
Dave G, Pittsburgh, PA

Gary John & MaxD Go-Cart:

Check this out! My Dad and I modified my go-cart so now I can get air just like MaxD! I am wearing my full seat and harness belt as well as my helmet, go-cart has full roll cage also. Soon I will be getting a video camera so I can post some videos of my driving my MaxD machine. Dad and I also made the rear a posi so I can get great traction approaching the jump. I was actually able to clear the obstacle that was put on the motorcycle jump and I landed a little crooked but was able to save it. The landings are a little hard since this go-cart has no suspension! We just also repainted the go-cart to match the colors of Maximum Destruction. Dad's camera is not that good or maybe I am just going real fast...! GUESS WHAT? I now got a modified go-cart with suspension! This April I will be posting a video of myself with this new machine! Wait until you see the course, record will be set!
Gary John Schrader Jr.
Gary John and Custom MaxD Go-Cart
Gary John and Custom MaxD Go-Cart

Dear Tom, I like your shows. I wish I can do that. I wish I can be on T.V. Love, Phoenix (age 5)
Phoenix L, Billings, MT

Looking forward to seeing you on April 19th here in Costa Rica!! We'll be at the Pit Party also before the event!!
Arturo S, San Jose, Costa Rica

hey im you`re biggest fan whooooooooooooooooooo 2 u 2!
Brett W, Canada

Hey Tom, Andi Ray here, Jean Johnson and I were just talking about you. I have a ticket stub I was showing my kids of when we (Jean, Herk, and John) used to come watch you mud bog and now my boys carry around MD trucks. We think your fantastic and love watching you on TV.
Andi R, Rantoul, Aurora, In

Hi, I would like to nominate my two sons, Alfie (5) and Jake Lawrenson (3) as the joint presidents of the welsh division of the Tom Meents Fan Club. They absolutely adore him and Max-d and we hope you are coming to Cardiff this year. We have booked and can't wait to see you at the pit party and in the arena. Go Big or Go Home....
Alfie L, Mold, Flintshire Wales

Tom Meents at Indianapolis January 24 2009
Tom Meents & Gary John, Indianapolis 2009
Tom Meents and Gary Schrader January 24, 2009:
Tom Meents of Maximum Destruction had one of the most powerful fan bases at the January 24, 2009 Monster Jam at Indianapolis, Indiana, at the Lucas Oil Stadium, I have ever seen. Meents again provided the fans with a great display of destruction, freestyle and racing and put very bright smiles on the faces of 1,000's and 1,000's of kids as well as adults. Tom's loyalty, dedication and the greatness of individual caring "focus" has made Tom's fan base the fastest growing in the sport of Monster Trucks. I was there with my Mom and Dad and had the opportunity to meet many of my fellow fans, what a great time. A special thanks also goes out to "Beaver" for his training and direction during my first days on the job. I also had the great pleasure of meeting Tom, Michelle, Ryan and Joseph from Virgina! Words from Mom and Dad: "January 23, 2009 will forever be in our memories, thanks from the bottom of our hearts, incredible moments."    more stories and fans...
Gary John Schrader Jr.

I buy Monster Truck tickets in Fargo, ND every year right after attending each performance. Well when you purchase tickets a year in advance you have no idea who will be there until 2 weeks before on TV ads. I flipped out when I heard Tom Meents was coming to the Fargo Dome; so did my boys!!What a GREAT performance as always!! I hope you will come back to North Dakota real soon and this was not just a one time deal. If it was...WE'RE glad we met you, got our t-shirts autographed and photographs. You're the Best Tom Meents! We're always watching. Vegas is all yours!!!
Billie Jo Z, New Rockford, North Dakota

Just seen you at the Fargodome. Its been along time wanting to see you live and Max D didn't disappont. You rocked the place. Then you climbed into the stands right below and its awesome to see your enthusiam for your fans to stop and pose for pics with the kids. Hope to see Max D and Tom Meents back next year to light the place up and smoke em out.
Jaime H, ND

hey tom, i've been going to monster jam since i was a yr old i am now 7.we have always gone to the rca dome. this yr we are going to st. louis. i'll see you there. tom you rock.give ua a great show as always
Caleb M, Patoka, Indiana

You are the best monster truck driver in the world. You are the best because you win a lot of races and freestyles and you are the best because you jump over other monster trucks. Yesterday, my dad and I went to the first Monster Jam at the LUCAS OIL STADIUM in Indianapolis. I knew as soon as I was going to get to go that I would be leaving with your helmet. I told my dad as we walked in I was going to get it no matter what. You had a great freestyle and I was screaming like crazy. You then came into the stands and grabbed me by the shirt raised me up high and slapped the helmet on my head. It was totally awesome. As we left about 1000 people slapped me on the head and told me good job. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!Lane Stephenson (7 years old)
Lane S, Whiteland, Indiana

Tom Meents and Dacian February 15, 2009:
I was at Monster Jam on Sunday February 15, 2009. It was GREAT! I am 10 years old, my birthday is on the 28th of this month. This is the third year in a row that I was able to see Monster Jam. I Love it! I look forward to going every year and will continue to be a life long fan. Here is a picture from the show I wanted to share with you. Thanks for the GREAT time. Tom Meents! Tom Meents! Tom Meents!    Send In Your Photos!

The Las Vegas World Finals was the best, thanks to those of you who made your banners, and showed Tom our dedicated support by putting "" on your banners, which is Tom's Official Fan Club Website!
Monster Jam on Sunday February 15, 2009
Tom Meents & Dacian - 2009

Tom, I wanted to tell you that we were at Indy last night for the big show. We had front row seats which were the best. I wanted to let you know that my daughter Hannah 6 cried for you when you lost free style. She is so excited to watch you. When you drove around on the motor -scooter and stopped in front of us with your helmet, she was so excited when you pointed to her. My son and husband have been to Vegas 2 years and we have been coming to Indy for many years. We really enjoy coming as a family and Max D Rocks.....Good luck at Vegas.....
Michelle L, Chrisman, IL

Dear Gary John and Gary John's mom and dad: I just learned that you plan to attend the event in Indianapolis this weekend. I wanted to let you know that I hope we will get a chance to meet you. My special son Ryan has been a MaxD fan for a few years now, and my husband Tom and I, along with Ryan's twin Joseph, are making the drive to IN to meet him for the first time. This will also be our first stadium event, so it will be awesome! Having an opportunity to meet your family would be the icing on the cake! Safe travels, and I hope we'll see you there.
Michelle F, Barboursville, VA

Hey Tom, I know for sure that my brother, the yank, Willy , always says, Go Big or Go Home!!! Hugs from Willy's sister Franny from the NetherlandsWilly is the volunteer in Arnhem every year, together with my guy Erik with the wooden shoes.
Franny A, Netherlands

How is This Tom? You Wanna Race?!:

We saw you at Indy...It was a great show...We got to get our photos with you! You said you liked to see the pictures of our car, so here is our 4x4 Triumph.

The show at Indianapolis was great, such a great display of excitement and fun for everyone. Thanks so much for spending the time with us!
Sandy, Ellettsville, Indiana
Check this out Tom!
So Tom, You Wanna Race? Sandy...

IT was so cool seing at the. Pit party and getting our autogragh at houston. Thanks so much P.S. Go Big Or Go Home!!! Tom,you are awsome!! Every time I see you in max d,it's three words GO BIG OR GO HOME becuase you always go all out and get huge air and your the mayor of cyclones. GO TOM MEENTS
Kyle N, willis, Texas

Hi Tom - my 7 year old autistic son David is a HUGE fan of yours - when they announced Monster Jam was going to be in RI, I must have been the first one to buy tickets - Unfortunately, you are performing somewhere else that weekend and my son was heartbroken to learn that! It looks like MaxD is scheduled to be in Stafford, Connecticut in late July. It doesn't say who's driving, but I'll continue to check and maybe we'll take the ride up if it's you. David wants so badly to go to a pit party to meet you and have his picture taken with you. He has to be your newest (only been watching since June) but biggest fan!! - We love watching you, you are a totally awesome driver! - Best of luck this season. judi & david
Judi S, Providence, RI

Hi Tom, Just wanted to let you know that my son Arlis Barrow Jr.(aka) Bubba had such a blast watching you at the Houston, Tx Monster Jam Show on 1/3/09. That was his and my husbands first show ever. Bubba and I watch Monster Jam every morning on speed. Well gotta go. I also sent in a photo of the Houston Show.
Donnia B, Leesville, Louisiana

Hello, We are one of the proud owners of a Tom Meents helmet. Your website is great! I would like to nominate my sons Michael Jr and Samuel as the presidents of Virginia.
Terri S, Virginia Beach, Virginia

My mother in law is 88yr old, she has never watch moster truck until she move with us. mae thing that you are the best. She watches you ever day to her you are the man. We want to take her to one of your stow you are in all she talk about is what a great driver that you are. It wood be great if she can meet you. I dont know if she is the olds fan of yours. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU.
Dean Burton, Currans Hill, AUSTRALIA

Hey Tom Meents, hows it going im big motor meachine fan and my dad nows i love trucks ive been to harbr yard lots of times and i think the show rocks i hope to be out there one day i always dream big
Sam D, New Haven, CT

I would like to tell you how excited I am that Monster Jam is comming to Indianapolis. I have a 4 year old son, Bobby, who just loves Tom. He can tell you all of the manes of the trucks AND the drivers full names. But, Tom remains his favorite. His mother and I divorced a year ago and I live in a different city than him, so, I only get to see him every other weekend for 2 days. I don't have any money anymore to do some of the things I wish I could do with him, but, during those 2 days we get to watch Monster Jam that a friend of mine records for us. We watch them over and over. Just to see his excitement to watch Tom is tear jerking. So, to find out that Tom was going to be comming to Indianapolis sent me into a frenzy to get tickets, and, after borrowing just enough money to get us each a ticket I now get to take my son to a Monster Jam show. I am not sure who will be more excited, my son who will actually get to see his favorite driver, or me, who gets to take his son to do something I thought I would never get to do with him. I hope he actually gets the chance to meet him, and maybe get his picture taken with him. I know Tom has tons of fans, but, I want him to know that one of his biggest fans will be there in Indianapolis on Jan 24, 2009. Not only does Tom make a little boy happy, but, he has given me something special. Just doing what he does gives me and my son a bond I wish every father could feel. Thank you Tom for all you do.
Bob R, Terre Haute, Indiana

Man I love your truck your driving is crazy. And I just wanted to say my brother works for you my bro is Mark Cole.
Zach F, Knox, Indiana

Hey Tom, We are HUGE fans! Especially my 9 year old son, Jacob. His one Christmas wish was to see Monster Jam at a real stadium and get to meet you! Well, we are headed to Ford Field in January '09. My sister in Hawaii bought us the tickets for Christmas and we are driving up on Friday, January 16th. I hope you are there.......You are the ONLY driver I care about being there. It will be a dream come true for him if you are. He says he is getting a Max-D hat and T-shirt and he wants you to sign the shirt. We also have Pit party passes, so it's going to be a real treat ......IF you are there! Of course, he also thinks he's going to get your helmet. LOL
Thanks for the entertainment you provide. I always enjoy your freestyles and the true sportmanship you show when things don't go well. You are a fine example to everyone, especially young impressionable kids like mine!
I hope to see you in Detroit!Thanks again and God Bless!
Dale H, Winfield, WV

Tom-I'm a 42 year old software sales director for a small software startup company in the northeast. I'm also a sports car nut and prefer european cars and am missing the old speedvision even though it's 2008 already. You're in a league all your own man- I've seen you off and on over the years and you just don't care. I mean you give the fans like 300%. You landed some sort of full gainer reverse flip on a free style event where the whole body had already come off and as soon as you landed stuck your hand in the air and put your foot right back in it. I'm not the biggest Monster Jam fan but I could watch you any week. You are a true competitor who has mastered the balancing act between entertainment and competition. Now go drive through an RV for me and put together a few cross threading freestyle moves. Thanks Gary John for being his number 1 fan!!
Charlie K, Arlington, VA

Thank you for letting us meet you and your family in las vegas this weekend, and stephen loves his number one. When they were bringing the drivers around for the opening of the show, Stephen was standing on the bench, waving his number one and Tom saw him. Thank you again, joyce&stephen
Stephen & Joyce B, Turlock, CA

Great Site you've got here. Keep up the good work. I live in Canada and I've attended the last 3 Monster Jams in Toronto, Ontario. The Events are held at the Rogers Centre and it always turns out to be a great time. The one thing that is Missing is Meents!!! I realize that he can't make it to every show, but I was just wondering if you any plans to come back? Even if its at the olympic stadium in Montreal. He did a show there before cause I seen it on speedvision once. The rogers centre is big enough for his style of show and the Olympic Stadium is certainly big enough.
Darren W, Ontario, Canada

We have 2 boys who are so excited to be coming to the finals in Vegas your message touched my heart, I too have a son Dom who is 9 with Learning Disabilities who loves these guys and I love them as role models, and a son Dan who is 6 who has sensory disorders even though they are loud cannot get enough of it and lives for it every day. It is what makes being a parent worthwhile and We would love the chance to meet them in Vegas while we are there, we are working on a banner. For kids like mine these guys are worth looking up to...Thanks for all you do
Alicia G, Stamford,Connecticut

My son Hayden is 4 and has been a Tom Meents fan since he was 22 months old (his first Monster Jam event). He met Tom at the Frieze Harley Davidson in O'Fallon Illinois the week of the event in February 2006. Tom gladly allowed Hayden to get in the truck and held Hayden up high on his shoulder for a pic. Hayden has told us that Tom was his buddy ever since. We have attended all the St. Louis events since then and every year we return to Frieze the week before the show (or day before the show-this year) and Tom again gladly takes pictures with our boys and signs small posters for them. This year he also signed Hayden and our other son Carson's shirts and they wore them to last nights event in St. Louis (2-16-08). Hayden was looking forward to this event as he does every year and counted down the days since the new year. Hayden was looking forward to the free style competition and when Max D lost a wheel and didn't win the event, as he has done the past 3 years in S. Louis, I watched my son's heart melt. He was so upset for Tom, that he sat there crying quitely. The entire ride home we tried to explain to him that everyone looses sometimes and that Tom still had an awesome ride. he agreed that Tom's short ride was awesome, but still sulked. He wanted his "buddy" to win so badly. Today he is still heart broken for his "buddy". Best of luck at the World Finals Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Aimee
Aimee O, Mascoutah, IL

Hey there M.D. I thought I would send you an E-mail to let you know that I went to see the monster jam at the louisville arena and I was a Grave Digger Fan had been for years since I was a little girl and my boyfriend finally took me to see you all for the first time and when you came out for your turn i feel in love with your truck but when it was all over and you all did autograohs i stood there forever to get mine and you was the sweetest guy there. You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE WORLD'S BEST AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!!!!!!!!!! cause like i said before it's not about the truck it's the driver!!!!!!!!!Thanks for your time and for being the person that you are. YOU'RE THE BEST! ROCK ON!!!
Lillie, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

My grand son Jeremy is a big little fan of Tom. Jeremy resides in Fenton Mo. A couple of weeks before Xmas we traveled thru IL. I took a chance on stopping at Tom's shop hoping my grandson could meet him and low and behold Tom was in. He shook his hand and Tom signed a picture and gave it to him. It was like Jeremy's 2nd Xmas.
Jeremy S, Watseka,IL

Hello my name is Christina E, but feel free to call me Tina. I am 18 years old and I live in KY. I have been a fan of Tom Meents since I was 10 years old when he drove Goldberg. I am one of the few people who follow the driver instead of the truck and Tom Meents is definitely my favorite driver. I have met him only once, but I am getting ready to go back and see him again at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, IN.
Christina (Tina) E, Kentucky

I have a Tom Meents helmet because he is my dad. Yes I am serious about this. P.S. Hi Gary
Hannah M, Illinois

My son Rischon & I went to the Monster Jam in Minneapolis on 01/08/2007 and meet Tom Meents.I just wanted to thank you for being so good with my son. I was very impressed on how good you were with all the kids, not just mine. I appreciate this more than you can know. you have a couple of new fans. My son cannot stop telling everyone about his experience.Thank you very much. We both wish you the very best.
Rich K, Minnesota

Hi there, I watch you all the time on Speed, you are my hero. I just bought the new hat, looks great, someday I will see you live. Your a great driver and you do wild stuff.
Johnny D, Germany

Hi. Im Chris. (duh) i love maxium destruction and tom meents. he kiks gravediggers but any day. "tom meents is my hero". thank you for the meents dream.
Christopher W, Indianapolis

When God made Tom Meents, he broke the mold. You've earned your wings...literly. You make my heart smile. Thank you. Thank you for your time. P.S. I just joined Tom's fan club.
Lois F, Jamestown, NY

My son is 3 years old December 7th and every night him and his dad watch Monster Jams and every time your truck shows up on the TV my son says there's my Tom Meents and he gets so excited we didn't help him to like certain trucks he came up and looked at his dad and said Daddy I like Tom Meents so hopefully in the next year or so we are going to try to take him to a Monster truck show So he can meet his Tom Meents. I was tickled to see that you have a fan club web sight that my son can join. I asked him what kind of birthday cake did he want and he said that he wanted a Tom Meents Monster Jam cake so that is what he is getting.
Alissa, Josh, and Cody

We went to Monster Jams first Uk event at Cardiff, we met Tom and got our homemade banner signed at the Pitt party....he states Tom and Max D as his favourites.
Matthew P, Brighton, England

hi tom and the crew i have watching you guys since i was small ever one from bigfoot to grave digger. i have collected all of your toy monster trucks. i like what you in arena with your truck...THANK YOU
Larry C, Winsted, Minnesota

Hey Tom Meents!! I saw the 2007 World Finals,Your truck could handle that last jump after you tore your Rear Suspension?! Wow! In case you're wondering, i saw the Finals on T.V. See ya on t.v..
Joshua, HARTS, WV

Hello, In church on Sunday mornings, I work with an 8 yo autistic boy who thinks Tom is God(really). He loves monster trucks and constantly talks about them and their drivers. Please, please, please, can I get an autographed picture from Tom for Jonathan. It would truly make his day. Thank you.
Melody H, Gainesville, Georgia

I just wanted to know when and if you were going to have any monster truck shows in my area or surrounding areas. Please let me know! Thank You so much for your time!!
Krystle G, Mount Joy, PA

Hey Tom Meents,i made my own custom sign! When Monster Jam goes to the Charleston Civic Center again,i'll show it!
Joshua A, Harts, WV

Hello i am looking for a monster truck for my matric farewell. Can you please contact me ASAP. Please tell me you know someone near my city that can help me.
Jamaine, Ellisras, South-Africa

Wow! What an influence to all! I enjoy all your info, pics, videos, and your way cool website! I have a 9 year old boy (who also was a go cart)and we have been going to Monster Jam in Cincinnati, Ohio since he was 4years old. He enjoys it more and more each year! I stumbled across your website searching for the 2007 World Series Final in Las Vegas. I am planning a trip with my son in March. Just wanted to stop by and say 'Thank You.' Thanks You for your expertise and dedication to monster truck entertainment. God has certainly Blessed You and Your Family.
Eric G, Cincinnati, Ohio

Tom i wanna drive max-d i'm not nearly afraid of air like the preditor driver!
Mike G, Sudbury, Ontario


We share your enthusiasim for monster trucks; Hunter is 11 and has autism and loves monster trucks too. You have a great website, we really enjoyed the photo gallery. Thank you!
Ron and Hunter F, Conesus, New York

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Who Is Tom Meents

Who is Tom Meents You Say?
Tom Meents, driver of Maximum Destruction is a professional monster truck driver and the only 7 time World Champion. He currently drives Maximum Destruction (monster truck) on the USHRA Monster Jam circuit. Meents usually races and freestyles with Neil Elliott who drives Hot Wheels. Tom Meents stays on the cutting edge of Freestyle moves, this year did one of the first back flips ever in monster truck history! Gary John Schrader, founder of the Tom Meents Offical Fan Club, has been following the Meents Racing Team for nearly 11 years. Tom's truck is a proven chassis and mechanicals that allows for a true field tested monster truck that seems to defy the laws of gravity.

CareerMeents started out as a mud racer, driving his own vehicle, Shake Me. Meents experienced his first wreck when he rolled the Shake Me over at a USHRA Mud Race in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He won the NMRO Open Class championship in 1992. He later teamed up with Paul Shafer to drive Shafer's Mud Patrol vehicle. Tom won the NMRO Class 5 championship in 1993 and 1994 and won the Class 6 championship in 1993. This also led to an opportunity to drive one of Shafer's Monster Patrol monster trucks, which Tom drove to a quick rise in popularity. Among his accomplishments in this truck was a victory at the USHRA U.S. Truck Fest in 1997.

Tom Meents bought the truck and in 1999 was commissioned by PACE Motor Sports (now Clear Channel to run a Bulldozer truck) body to help increase the truck's exposure. In his first event with Bulldozer, Meents defeated Dennis Anderson and Grave Digger on national television, becoming an instant star in the process. Meents would continue driving Bulldozer until the end of 1999.

In 2000, Clear Channel commissioned Meents to drive a new truck, Goldberg, named after the WCW wrestler. Meents was extremely successful in the truck and rose to an even greater level of popularity, despite controversy over the truck's wrestling basis and unconventional looks. With Goldberg, Meents won the inaugural Monster Jam World Finals racing championship in 2000, and completed a full sweep of the event in 2001. This event was notable for the controversial "grand finale", in which Anderson and Meents attempted to drive over each other's trucks at the end of the freestyle competition.

When the WCW folded at the end of 2001, Meents debuted Team Meents, which was a repaint of Goldberg with a similar design and lettering style. Meents again swept the World Finals in 2002 with this truck.

In 2003, the truck got a brand new image with the debut of Maximum Destruction. Meents' popularity has remained high with this truck, with several major stadium event victories, but he has not had the success in the World Finals he had with previous trucks. Despite berths in the first three World Finals since switching to "Max D.", he had only been able to score a co-championship in freestyle with Madusa and El Toro Loco (truck) in 2004. Finally, in 2006, Meents broke through and regained the Monster Jam freestyle championship. Recently in the Monster Jam World Finals 2009, Meents again proved he is the baddest and fastest by regaining the Racing Championship.

Meents has several signature moves in freestyle, including high-speed "cyclone" donuts, "side surf" two-wheel driving, and roof and wing walks where he stands on the roof or wing (as on Monster Patrol) of the truck while it is still in motion. Another is Tom sticking his left hand out the window while flying through the air. Tom also has a reputation for hitting obstacles at unconventional angles and at higher speeds than other drivers, and has been criticized for the high number of rollovers which please the crowd but are sometimes seen as unnecessary.


USHRA U.S. Truck Fest Champion - 1997
USHRA World Finals Racing Champion - 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2011
USHRA World Finals Freestyle Champion - 2001, 2002, co-champion 2004, 2006

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